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  1. Hello, Still no way to change the keyboard layout (I have an AZERTY one) with the WM6 T-mobile rom ? Thanks JP
  2. yes they are :rolleyes: open the shortcut with notpad and you'll understand... Will try to post my latest job this night or tomorow :P EDIt : here's what I have done I use only 2 submenu : Games And Office Mobile To have this you need to : 1) unzip the zip where you want 2) copy CustomLinkIcons.lnk to \My Documents\ on the SPV 3) import UpdateSomeWM6Icon.reg on the SPV with a registry editor (I use Resco) 4) copy (replace if necessary) all the subfolder \Start Menu from my zip to your \Windows\Start Menu folder in the SPV 5) delete icon.lnk in your \Window\Start Menu\Games folder in the SPV Please don't ask me for a cab, I don't have the time and it takes 5 minutes to do the job manually E650_WM6_ICON_V2.zip
  3. you should try the Microsoft Windows Mobile Security Manager here . Works also with WM6
  4. yes, you can do it by using another freeware : http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=254441&hl=
  5. with this xml (to replace the home.htc.xml) you won't need to install the htc plugin attached by Paul HTC.home.xml
  6. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=254418&st=0
  7. OK, you have to replace the "carrier" plugin part by your one and not to add it because you can't have 2 "carrier" plugin for this one I don't understand what you want to do as I use facade in my theme ??? If you want this plugin and not facade, you have just to delete the facade part and to add your plugin
  8. OK. so you have first to choose one of the original xml files (the one with wifi plugin and upcoming appointements). Download one of my homesceen with fizz weather. Open the xml file and do a cut of the last plugin (it's the fizz weather plugin) and then a past on the original xml file choosen before. For the past you must do it at the end of the file or just after a tag
  9. as yet written soem posts before, to add fizz traveller you just need to open the xml you want and to add those line where you want on the xml file (beeween 2 plugins so between a tag and a tag) :
  10. I made this one, no fun, just for work ... The interest is to have my agenda and my tasks on the same screen. To do that i made a specific use of facade => you can't use facade app to customise my xml... unzip the file in \Application Data\Home\ (it will create a subfolder with the background images) JPA_Silver_HTC_Vox.zip
  11. If you want fizz traveller instead you just need to change the xml file : replace lines: by the good one. To find the good one, install fizz traveler and open the fizz traveller xml file in \Application date\Home\
  12. I made this one (you need facade and fizz weather, not fizz traveller) : MonWirelessWeather.home.xml
  13. yes we know :P We only need to know what are the ressource called for the icon by those shortcuts (oem.dll ??) to finish the job : - Call History - Pictures and videos - Bluetooth Explorer - Num. Speed - Orange Mail - More Games - SIM Managment - Internet Sharing and icone.lnk for the subfolders :rolleyes:
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