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  1. Hi, look at this. It' from Microsoft Research and called 'Aura'. Newchurch
  2. Hi, look here and here :rolleyes: Newchurch
  3. Hi, as far as I know it's not possible to add Fizz Weather to Facade. You can not place a plugin in another plugin. Maybe I'm wrong ...
  4. Hi, I use a HTC Vox the last two weeks - no problems :P Newchurch
  5. Hi Paul, the official press pictures of the Vario II are still with the magenta coloured keyboard cover (klick). Greetings from Germany, Peter
  6. Hello, today evening ends the following auction on german ebay: KLICK I have nothing to do with the seller, and in my opinion the history of this device is not very serious. On german T-Mobile press-info site you find the following pictures of the new Vario II: (t-mobile press) Greetings, Newchurch
  7. FIRST ONE ;) Great idea, I' ve put a link to this thread at german mobilejoe.de forum. There you can find a posting from Phibs (Philip Kleinweder) himself. Greetings Newchurch
  8. Hi, you don' t need an Orange sim, just follow the steps below (from spv-developers.com): 1, Insert your SIM, connect your phone to ActiveSync then browse 2, Copy Cert.cab in "\Storage\windows\StartUp" and then restart your phone 3, After reboot you will see a "Unlock Code" screen, but at the background another screen is waiting for u to press "OK" to install the cab file, press "Back key" and then press "OK" quickly, because "Unlock Code" screen reappears very quickly. When cab installed it will show you the "installation successfull" message. If your phone is application lock than, download and run "SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe". Greetings, Newchurch
  9. No, I mean GPRS push. Here´s a screenshot of the Qtek 8310's exchange server configuration. The push option "Bei Elementeingang" means "As items arrive" in english. This option appears only if the MSFP is installed on the device. Greetings, Peter
  10. I´m sure his QTEK 8310 has the server sync option "as items arrive" for push email. You can see this feature and the configuration of your exchange server in this blogcast. This option doesn´t appear on my SP5 :cry: Greetings, Peter
  11. Maybe this blogcast can help you (sorry, it´s German :) ). Greetings Peter
  12. Hi Paul, is the new MSFP (Messaging and Security Feature Pack) part of the ROM ? A colleague has a new Qtek 8310 with the MSFP as part of the ROM (?), my five weeks older iMate SP5 hasn`t the MSFP installed. Greetings from Germany, Peter
  13. Nice topic ;) 01. Nokia 2110i 02. Nokia 5110 03. Nokia 6110 04. Nokia 7110 05. Nokia 8210 06. Nokia 6210 07. Nokia 6310 08. Nokia 6310i 09. Nokia 6610 10. Nokia 7650 11. Siemens ME45 (my actual outdoor phone for mountain-biking) 12. SPV Classic 13. SPV E100 14. SPV E200 15. SPV C500 16. MDA compact 17. T-Mobile SDA 18. T-Mobile SDA music 19. SPV C550 20. iMate SP5 (my actual phone 8) ) Greetings, Peter
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