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  1. Thanks! That is very informative! I did not know the motorola droid made such a formidable platform if modded. The USA plans are not that cheap - I am looking at $75-80 for a data phone plan on Verizon, other providers are about the same if not more.. This is why I use pagepluscellular as they are only $30 a month, only problem is I am limited to 50mb of data a month! So Having a phone that can be modified to disable background data use like most droids do, is critical. My omnia was very good at conserving data. 50 mb would last me a month no problem if I just limited myself to manual email updates, manual google maps searches, manual quick webpage lookups and pic messages. I know of people who blindly activated droid phones on page plus and used up their 50mb in about 1 hour.. lol ..
  2. You are right, this is an amazing phone - only problem is they are still really new and since I'm on pageplus, I cant get a Verizon discount so I need to buy out of pocket- making a $400-$500 phone a little too much for me.. =( Now looking at the LG ALLY for a possible android phone.. looks like those can be had for about half as much.
  3. Thanks for the advice, but I'm having trouble with finding which galaxy S you mean - apparently theres several versions.. Samsung Fascinate, Vibrant, Captivate... but they all say they are a "Galaxy S" as well. So whats the deal? What are the highlight differences, and which one do you have?
  4. Hey Guys, As the title suggests, my i910 recently died for good. I had flashed to Lyriotes (sp?) WinMO 6.5 build 28223. I liked it but always thought it could be a little faster with a better touch screen. The LG Fathom seems to be just that! Has anyone had any experience with those? They are expensive but impressive hardware. How are the for flashing? Also love the slide out keyboard! How about droid phones? Theres more options now and Im not clear on what they all offer. I've used an LG Ally and love the keyboard but the processor / ram is a little weak.. phone gets really slow sometimes. Also the OS is very restrictive. How hard is it to flash / unlock android phones and how vast is the open source support? I've heard the Omnia 2 is kind of a flop ... Thoughts? Opinions? PLEASE only comment if you have personally used or owned these phones! Thanks!
  5. Wow that sucks. Thanks for the suggestion. I noticed if I leave the phone turned off and plugged in, the charge screen flashes on and off, sometimes it says "Battery Disconnected!" then flashes black and starts charging again.. wierd .. So If I let it sit like this for an hour or so, I was able to get it to boot to windows while plugged in. I quickly turned it to airplane mode to save power and started transferring my pics. Surprisingly the phone worked fine for this and the battery stayed at about 5%. However once finished, I tried to unplug the phone and it immediately complained about a critical battery, then shut itself down 5 seconds later. So it would seem the phones battery management hardware, or charging / power supply module is fried. I doubt theres anyway to service this even with some amatuer soldering skills. Now the question is, replace it with what? Omnia II? Meh.. I'm definitely addicted to flashing now and loved the Omnia, just wished it was about twice as fast with a better touch screen. Anything like that exist?
  6. When I first got my Omnia i910 I purchased an accessory pack on ebay consisting of screen protectors, a wall charger, and a car charger. Recently I was using the car charger when suddenly my phone acted like the battery was low. It automatically turned the phone off as if the battery was dead - yet the phone was plugged in, and 5 minutes ago before I plugged it in, my battery was at 50%. So I know the battery wasnt truly low.. Next the phone started acting screwy, and the power button wouldnt turn it off so I pulled the battery out. Upon placing it back in the phone, I unplugged it from the charger and it started to boot showing the Omnia logo, then immediately goes black and reboots showing the omnia logo again, similar to if the battery was totally dead. So I plugged it back in and it got further into windows, but before I could make a call or anything it shut down on its own. The black & white charging battery icon showed up, then after a minute of this it had an X on the battery with a message under it, something like "Overtemp Pause" .. uh oh.. So I unplugged everything till I got home, plugged it into my normal wall charger. It was able to boot up to windows and acted normal, but the battery was at like 2% and it was not taking any charge. It said "charging" but the indicator never went up for an hour or two. When I try to do anything the requires any power, like making a call or texting, it complains the battery is low again and shuts the phone off. Other mysterious behavior is the power button now starts the phone / shuts it down instantly after pressing it - before all this, I had to hold my power button for a few seconds to startup / shutdown. Also when I plug the battery back in it start up on its own, or tries to anyway... without me hitting the power button. Odd.. Finally .. I got a new battery on eBay, from a certified seller.. its an official Samsung battery not some knockoff. And the phone is still acting all screwed up - now it wont even load windows at all it just shows the "Omnia" logo then reboots over and over , plugged in or not.. So... whats the deal here? Is my phone dead for good? Its not a huge deal EXCEPT that I have over 1000 pictures stored on the "My Storage" that I really, REALLY do not want to lose! Is there anything I can do or try to get the phone to work? If not, how about getting my pics off the internal memory?? Thanks in advance!
  7. I don't have SPB MS3 or whatever, but with just the 28223 base my MMS counter is always saying I have 1 new message but there isnt any, I clear my inbox and it still says I have 1 new msg.. it says "0 msgs, 1 unread" lol DURRR.. I downloaded this program from XD forum or something to clear the new msg count but it only clears it temporarily, as soon as I get a new MMS or EMAIL it comes back... I've just gotten used to seeing 1 false new msg as I cannot figure out how to get rid of it! Really not in the mood to reflash just to fix that one issue..
  8. Thanks, I read the patch info and.. don't really see anything worth upgrading - or in our cases, downgrading for. Am I missing anything? Sounds like I should just stick with 28223 or something like it?
  9. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this stuff lately - what is dc22 and when / where would I find it?
  10. Can anyone who has used 28223 comment on how it compares to 23551? I've been quite happy with 28223 but would like to know if I am missing out on anything.
  11. Regarding autocalllock is a good idea but it fails me for the following reasons: Accelerometer does not seem to distinguish between verticle or horizontal tipping - so there is no setting that seems to work where you can have it against your ear and it locks at that angle, tipped slightly sideways, then when you take it off your ear and try to press the keypad at a slight tipped back angle but its not tipped sideways at all, its still locked as it only sees 'tip angle' and doesnt care which way its tipped. So you basically need to tip the phone flat on the table to unlock it. Then the photosensor idea is cool, but it fails to work under all light situations unless you adjust the intensity. So if you calibrate it to work in daylight it will not work correctly at night in the dark. I'd like one that is just a simple 'lock the phone after 5 seconds while on a call. period.' and you have to hit the hard button to unlock it. Thats how the default 6.1 dialer lock worked and I never had a problem with it. ANYWAY.. I heard from a guy who is in 'the biz' that Samsung will be releasing an awesome Android phone, and to wait for that.
  12. Ok I'm still battling with the auto dial pad locks... none of the ones posted on post 2 work for me.. the system seems to have a decent lock function built in, reminds me of my gfs LG Dare locker. I'm not sure if this came with the ROM or if I installed it with "Smartlock" .. anyway, is there a way to enable the auto call locker function? When I do this through the menu options, it does not work for incoming or outgoing calls. None of the downloaded lock programs seem to work consistently either! I adjust their settings and they work maybe a few times then stop working an hour later (smartlock), or they are buggy and inconsistent (the other 3).. I'm thinking it might be due to the fact that Lioryte has enabled a non-default dialer? Is there a way to enable the default dialer so that the call locking function works again as it should? Even the OEM 6.1 rom had a decent dial pad locker.. This is driving me crazy as I keep hitting buttons with my face! :(
  13. Did you do a hard reset of main memory BEFORE flashing ?
  14. Just want to give an update, I tried this 'back to the basics' routine and it worked decent, better than OEM but .. sorry its still the crappy OEM OS. Slow, laggy, annoying. So I followed the advice of some posters here, and tried Liorytes 28223 build with various supporting apps such as S2U2, smarlock, Opera, google maps etc and I gotta say, it blows my mind how much better this is. I also downloaded the M2D all in one cab and that is pretty slick too! Touch response , scrolling are both AMAZING in comparison. Menus make more sense. I can actually watch youtube vids with internet explorer / media player. And the best part is , its STABLE! I've only had a few bugs which have been resolved. I had the phone choke up on me 2-3 times but thats no different than the OEM rom was. Battery life has been at least as good as OEM ROM. So moral of the story is, if you are like me and afraid to flash, then try this basic setup but it will never perform like this 28223 rom.. this is my first time flashing so I cant say how good other roms are in comparison, maybe they are bad enough that people would prefer the stable OEM rom.
  15. Yeah did all that.. notice my #2 comment where I stated I was in that screen and had to map OK/close to get out. Anyway something crazy happens, sometimes while trying to get a fix it suddenly thinks i'm in Russia somewhere?? Its nuts.. then suddenly I jump back to Buffalo, NY.. I dont get it, seems like my GPS chip is giving bad readings or something.
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