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  1. I am like :angry: ;) ;) ;) That theme is Freaking awsome :D Really cool bro , i cant keep my eyes of that screenshot. Your Roms are always great. And this is not different at all for your theme. Kudo,s to you and all who helped you bro. Lets give the man some numbersssss B) 10/10 :D Cya Bro :D
  2. Hey bro :D Looks like i am gonna keep my omnia for back up phone ;) So i can make it a test model for rom,s. Are you bissie with a new Rom ? If so i keep a look out when its done and flash it :angry: Cya Bro ;)
  3. The prob was when i wanna set a wallpaper as background the old 1 still was there :D With all images that is bro. Offtopic :angry: Touch pro2 is 1 hell of a phone. Its fast and solid . The keyboard is typing heaven B) Pictures taking sucks big time. No fm radio. I can go on and on bro :D Its a great phone and i have a 2 weeks trail with it but this phone never will go back to the shop ;) As for the omnia ....... it still is a great phone and i love it so nothing bad about that. Lets see what omnia 2 has for us :D I thank you for everything you did for my phone bro and yes we will meet on the flipside :angry: Not that i leave Modaco i will still help ;) Ps Touch pro2 not flashed yet ;)
  4. Thx bro ,but i made a step back ( my bad sorry) Prob is fixed i flashed 1 of yours shk 7 :angry: now i need a new flash to the latest rom :D Thx shokka ;)
  5. Bro i need a litle help :D i liked your 23017 but could not change wallpaper? was that a bug ? just wanna know how the new rom is without m2d? my son is getting my omnia ( sorry bro i have touch pro 2 now :angry: ) Thx in advance bro ;)
  6. Can any1 help here :D Wich version has the latest phone.bin so i can flash the latest rom Thx in advance .
  7. Got it bro :D But it is sure is a great Rom. So it sure aint bad to re-fresh it. When its out i hope i can flash soon and test drive it for you ( But i know its gonna be sweet :angry: ) Thx Shokka ;)
  8. Can i ask what the big issue is bro ? I am running it and i like it alot. For the rom its sure run,s great ,but dunno when i can flash :D Thats why i ask about the issue. Thx in advance Shokka :angry:
  9. Screens dont lie Bro :angry: Thx for a great Rom. I flashed last night but dunno if you need any feedback. Still have to install things. It feels sweeeeeet and smooth ;) Thx bro and have a great weekend :D
  10. Relax lupus ;) Whe know how hard Sector and all the chefs works. I can only speak for my self ( but i know there are alot out there who do the same ;) ) when i say i respect all the work he make. I never ever could make a rom that even starts up my omnia :angry: I have come to learn the ways in what the Chefs have to put in there work ( a hell of alot free time :D ) I hope i have not offended you or any 1 else ;) The magic thats being provided here in the rom,s of the great Chefs is a privilege that samsung can not give their users. For that i thank all of the Chefs, because my omnia would have being long gone by now For now thx for all the goods the chefs have giving us. The make the difference for my phone . Respect to all B)
  11. Do your magic Bro ;) I know it will be a well balanced Rom. I always like your Roms. So thats why its only my opinion ( lol need to flash first than speak,sorry :) ) Thx for reply Shokka. Ltrs ;)
  12. Small things for me. 3 things do not make a rom bad or a bad rom. Thats why the builds keep coming i guess 100 % bug free hell i ,l go for that ;) Its something i dont think its a big prob. i have to say i am waiting till Shokka Rom is ready so i havent flashed yet :) Its only my opinion ;) Ltrs <_<
  13. Just needed to say bro ;) The screenshots really looks slick :) Taskbar looks great. Hope you have the time for all this ,i know its hard work. Respect Bro ;)
  14. :) Sup Bro Looks like your still cooking amazing Rom,s. Well I,m back on the forum after some personal bisnizz ;) . Havent checked the Rom scene so gonna need a fresh start. But i know where to go for a great Rom ;) . Is this Rom getting a update bro ,then i will wait with the flash ? It sure is great to read you and see you still cooking. Read you soon Bro <_<
  15. Have a great trip with your new phone :D
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