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  1. Flashing Instructions: http://www.modaco.com/content/i910-specifi...m-verizon-i910/
  2. Best wishes with your new phone, Lioryte. Thanks so much for all your work!
  3. I too, am ready for a new phone, but I will wait a while longer. Maybe in December as a Christmas present from me to me. I was waiting for my new every two $100 bonus with VZW, only to find out recently that they had done away with half of that about a year ago... now it's only $50... but with the prices of the new phones, I guess $50 will still more than buy a basic phone, which was the purpose of that program. And it will still help with a new smartphone.
  4. GPS is working, but usually takes a while for first lock (5+ minutes sometimes).
  5. Wow! Thanks, Lioryte! Which one is your favorite?... I would like to try one, but I'm no flashaholic. Still using your 23670_TellMe_VM_Office_V1.7z and all is still good.
  6. No problem. I went with 23670 because it was Lioryte's latest at the time. Menus scroll just fine. Emails, are a bit funky, but NOT difficult to navigate. Yes, I like 23670 and am still using it.
  7. I asked this same question many posts prior and Lioryte indicated that even if you have a custom CF03 ROM, you were already on CF03, so no need to reflash with CF03. I updated from one of Lioryte's CF03 ROMs to DC22 with VZW's program without any issue. Almost immediately after the update to DC22, I updated to Lioryte's 23670 (DC22) and have been running fine since. I think many issues come up when people restore programs or settings from certain programs that overwrite other important files / settings. Thanks again, Lioryte!
  8. Fantastic! Thank you! I'm still using your 23529_TellMe_V1 and it's still great! I've been tempted to move to DC22, but just haven't been motivated to leave a ROM that works so well. While I'm not the biggest user of all the features, I will probably help test if you make a Titanium / VC / Tellme / Office version like you did before.
  9. jlc0005

    DC22 6.5 23569

    I'm still using one of Lioryte's old CF03 ROMs with MSVC & Tellme cooked in. He made versions of his ROMs with and without MSVC & Tellme cooked in because people usually had issues with getting them to work if they weren't cooked in.
  10. Nope, sorry - Digitizer means the touch-screen (hardware).
  11. jlc0005

    EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    It's funny, I was just reading the interview last night! Very nice images of Android!
  12. jlc0005

    DC22 6.5 23569

    I like that background! Very nice.
  13. When I read Lioryte's Post (#1546) on Page 78, he said he "forgot to patch the timebomb in 23518". I believe that he does patch most of his ROMS during the cooking process. Chances are, if you flash to one of the newer ROMs, you won't have to worry about this issue again. Good luck.

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