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  1. thanks for your comments, will give it a try!!
  2. I too wonder why people make it so difficult - and thts precisely why there are so many posts asking how to root etc. If I had known that by installing MoDaCo rom this would root my phone automatically I wouldn't have spent so long going thru so many threads and methods (the one-click method, and i forgot the other ones) and I'd have had taken the plunge. So if by installing MoDaCo rom my phone gets rooted automatically then thats great news. But why on earth do people make it sound so complicated????
  3. Hi, is ne1 aware of an app that enables synchronisation of a winmo ppc with iTunes on the desktop pc? thanks x
  4. I, too, was unsure of my feelings, but I must admit the confusion did not last for more than 2 days. I'm not into tops or bottoms, but into versatile devices and the iPhone 3G is not :-( I've learnt to like hooking it to my laptop for internet access on the move, and when u feel the urge the iPhone 3G is of not much help :-( there's no video recording when u want to record ur achievements either, no mms, no easy jailbreaking... all those things that made me stick to winmo for the past eight years. remember the casio cassiopeia (first love)? No longer confused, the touch diamond will be my next half, just waiting for the price to drop a bit and for the pinky t-mo version to reach the shelves :-)
  5. well spotted. I quite like the TMobile version of it, although it won't be available as a PAYG (I guess). ne1 think differently?
  6. Handtech has them down to £397 inc. VAT now :D HTC Touch Diamond at handtech Those of you who got yours from them, how good and reliable are they? I dont want to delivery date to slip to next week, then the following week, then next month... they appear to have stock available though
  7. what about more adult-oriented sites, like xtube? :D
  8. sorry to disappoint Paul, but it clearly says "new" customers in the press release... maybe the way forward is to cancel the w'n'w add-on, then activate it again a month later - this way, you appear as a new customer. but it means spending one month without the facility...having said hat, who needs the wifi thing when one gets 3g and HSDPA (activated by default for w'n'w plus users) with t-mobile?
  9. It happens a lot on my device, especially after travelling on the tube where network connection is unavailable. When i come out of it, it will wait for the network sometimes for ages despite the network connection working. It is annoying, but the problem is usually solved with a soft reset.
  10. How does it compare with the TyTN? To me the Kaiser is the TyTN on steroids - if you forget about the GPS functionality, would you say it is worth upgrading to the kaiser from the TyTN? Afterall, we already have WM6 for the TyTN, and I have never experienced storage and RAM problems as I've been using it with a 1GB microSD card. What do you think? Does the Kaiser do the washing up?!!
  11. As some of us can connect to IM and others can't, maybe T-Mobile is experiencing difficulties at the moment? In which case they may not even do port blocking... I think T-Mobile is the best UK network around - the first one to bring us unlimited data at reasonnable rates (that was two years ago, at a time when no other networks would even consider doing this) unlike Orange which is a complete joke. As for the customer service, I've never had any problems with them - and one can do most things online using their excellent My T-Mobile web portal. I've done all UK networks over the past 8 years, and T-Mobile is the only one I stuck to for more than one 12/18 month contract. As for coverage, I travel up and down the country every week on the east cost main Line and it is as good as any other network - even better actually, with the added benefits of HSDPA in and around London, peterborough/Grantham, yorkshire, etc. I am on the original webnwalk at £7.50 (on top of my Flext something) and I use my hermes as a modem with my laptop when I travel (using internet sharing on Wm6) and this works great - I have not noticed any changes to the quality of the service, although my radio could not establish a 3G connection (at times) yesterday afternoon in yorkshire - GPRS worked fine though. maybe that's all it is: tech difficulties, not port blocking..! if they were doing port blocking, we would all experience the same problems.
  12. what about streaming? this too is excluded from the T&Cs - last time I used it at the end of the week it worked fine
  13. well, I did a hard reset and it solved the problem. I am curious as to what created the problem in the first place, though...
  14. Hope you can help me again. I tried to upgrade the Intent Midlet to the latest version, but when I run the cab and install the soft on the device I get the following error: "Installation was unsuccessful. The program cannot be installed because you do not have sufficient system permission". What should I do to get these rights? basically, it is a case of replacing a programme in the rom by an updated version of the same programme, but for some reason I am denied writing rights in the rom. Is that correct? Is there anything i can do to get round that? I am using TMobile UK's original rom and I upgraded the radio to 1.16 Others on other networks have been able to upgrade the intent. Thanks
  15. I've been using my Vario II for a good 4/5 months and I have been very happy with it so far. A problem started to appear over the past couple of days: in an email message or when reading a rss feed on Newsgator, when clicking a http link (to open the browser) I get an error message, as follows: "the file http://www. etc cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. You might need to reinstall or restore this file" What's this? I had no problem before clicking on a link to visit a webpage. I thought I had bugged the device, so I hard reset the phone and reinstalled everything. But the problem persists -and it was not there 1 week ago. Can anyone help me? Thanks
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