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  1. Is it just me or is there a problem with the dnl links for Normal and M2DC rom??
  2. +1 I am one of those who can not afford a new phone right now but that does not mean that i´m jealous, just interrested in what other folks switches to (and thinks of theire new phone) (yes i´ve been here since 2004 but tha doesn´t make me a master)
  3. +1 (not dificult to break a record if u comment "every" post that comes up :D
  4. Actually no u don´t need a bunch of cab patches, just run some of OCK´s newest ROM and youre off with problemfree multitasking :huh:
  5. Hi Talishte. I have done just that and now im happy with the way it looks. Have maby found a bug, sometimes the sound for incomming calls dissaperes (does not sound) but i can se the call and every other sound is working. Has anybody hade that experience?
  6. Hi Sb. I have tryed that one before and it is ok but what i am trying to have is just a thin small clock (like the normal one). Since i allready have the time on S2U2 it makes no sense (for me) to have it again on the main screen.
  7. Yes i noticed that so i serached for it on google but could not find it :huh: Have to live without a clock on the mainscreen (witch is rather clean btw)
  8. Than´s for the quick answer, i have deactivated it but then another panel hoovers over the fullscreen weather :huh: I suspect that is the behavior of the theme so i have removed fullscreen weather instead. Looks great (in my eyes) Otherwise everything else is just perfect, thank u for the fantastic rom´s:)
  9. Hi Krazy Radd. Ok, this may sound a bit weird but i have tried both the Neo titanium and sense rosso and i liked them both, BUT, the perfect rom (visually) for me would be sense rosso with the normal Neo clock. Sort of semi sense!? The thing is that i like the panels in sense rosso but i don´t like the Heroclock hoovering over the fullscreen weather. Best place for the clock (in my eyes) is the standard way, in the middle. Hope this is possible for u to fix or guide me howto. I´ve tryed googleing for the standad neo clock but no success. Olle
  10. I think there is some setting that switches between battery or clock, i´m not shure where but i will look in to it.
  11. "Get real, bro! You start loosing yourself... "??????????? Don´t go there.
  12. +1, i´m defenetly staying with these guys ROM´s Thank´s a million Jo and Krazy Radd aka The Foudation
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