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  1. I feel sad when my x isn't in my hand, the honeymoon is on and it's glorious. I think the hardest part of all of this is what ninja mentioned... the info for android is scattered, the OS is so widespread and actively developed that I feel, at least for now, the semi personal community we get here where we can actually carry on conversations with each other is near impossible and that will be sorely missed.... or sorely deodexed.
  2. I'm lovingly gazing at my new droid x while typing this out. BOGO and new every 2 made it so I couldn't say no. I just said screw it, I'll wait forever if I don't just jump. I don't think I need LTE and I'll give it some time to get it's sea legs and down the road I'm sure we'll all be forced to join up. It feels and looks beautiful, runs like a dream and I haven't even started to tweak it. a lot of fun is in the future. I'm off to find some of our fallen brethren and regain my place among them, the robot got me. But first... To AMD, steel, and all the chefs that came and went. You made this phone. it was fumbled and handicapped out of the gate and you did everything you could and more even to give us a taste of the good life. a special thanks to Ninja. My favorite chef and where my loyalty lied, for the majority of my phones life it gladly ran a ninja rom. I will miss your creativity and design skills. I hope to see you amongst the frozen yogurt and gingerbread covered masses soon. I'm gonna go see how kd is doing... I'll miss you guys and modaco as an everyday stop on my web map. -snapz
  3. my question is this... Will all of the amazing new phones be exclusively LTE? or will it be an option? I don't need the speed enough to spend an extra 20 a month for a limited plan when I am now enjoying an unlimited plan with fine speed for what I do?
  4. Is there really still no way to cook a portrait orientation lock into roms? STUPID OMNIA 2, i said it. I miss sooooo much being able to asign orientation to a hardware key. Your sense theme is great, the only problems I get arise from the fuckiing screen spininng itself into a circle until it distorts and freezes. i soft reset three times a day and miss calls constantly. pulling. my. hair. out.
  5. I'd like to second the sencity request. It's very clean, but you need to ask the authors permission to cook it in. It's a fine work though. I was posting to ask you a question amd, I was wondering why there are sometimes extra sub menus when adding quicklinks and sometimes not? The ones that allow you to restart sense, as well as default toggle switches for wifi, bluetooth, etc. Is there a way to enable this feature?
  6. I'm about to split off my family plan and be free and clear of anything phone related... If you were entering the US cell phone market and could pick any phone and any carrier to start fresh, who would it be and why?
  7. oh darn it now i have to clarify that i was kidding, damn you kids. rome wasnt built in a day and we are losing chefs by the second, so unless some of the new adopters want to start cooking, no one is in a place to start making requests. take that enthusiasm and go to the above mentioned chefs and thank them for their work thus far, donate if you can
  8. I've been waiting all day... I still don't see a windows phone port yet? c'mon already ninja and amd
  9. is it possible to cab up the imagio dialer with larger buttons?
  10. snapz54

    My goodbye

    I'm staying with my O2 until I can get my verizon iphone made of magic delivered by naked scarlett johansson. I can't wait til Q1 2011!!!
  11. snapz54

    My goodbye

    overlooking his absence from this thread, I still talk to ninja now and again. He's around just very busy with life right now. Thanks for your part of the group that drove this phone past it's stock handicaps.
  12. I know really!!! (refreshes hotmail inbox on phone)

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