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  1. hi frenkie, i tryed to install your rom FrenkieDroid v8 GT-I8000 Full Working, but i dont know why, its not working for me. i cant install. i' ve tried many times, but i cant install. its possible for you to make a video teutorial how to install. I do something wrong somewhere but I do not know where?. would be nice if you could do the work yourself. now many thanks.
  2. yes I did. copying everything to my storage and started with haret.exe. but unfortunately it does not work. I have the 350mb sd card as described partitioned as fat32. I had previously run on the beta 2 CyanogenMod. Then I wanted to try your rom. but when I start with haret.exe then only comes the previous boot screen and then freezes.
  3. hello, I've done everything as described in the manual, but unfortunately it does not work for me. I do not know why. what do you think where the error is. I tried it on an 8GB sd card. I had beta 2 CyanogenMod before. after I've done everything as described in the description, only the boot process as with cyanogen beta2 appears but freezes afterwards. I need to make the partition directly on the sd card and not on the PC right? or do i have to restore the PC and then copy to the SD card there?
  4. Also das wäre wirklich super wenn du das machen würdest. Ich finde das jetzige Android Rom zwar schon ganz gut, aber wäre super wenn es schneller und stabiler laufen würde. Wäre wirklich nett, wenn sich jemand die Arbeit machen könnte. Viel Glück und jetzt schon vielen Dank!!!!
  5. hello, thanks for the reply. This version I have. Unfortunately, I have the problem that I can not play videos. why else. Even the entry Regity change had brought nothing, so: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ HTC \ YouTube] "Bandwidth" = dword: 00000000 => change to 1 "EnableMDP" = dword: 00000001 => change to 0 I guess that it is up to the release. Why is it so hard to find this particular version. I've searched for hours on google and found nothing. thanks anyway. greeting zaga
  6. hello, Please excuse my bad English. I am looking for a long time after a certain youtube version (version 2.6 build 2016.2429). Unfortunately I have from 2 to NRGZ28 request received no response. NRGZ28 had this youtube version cooked in one of his Rom. Unfortunately I do not know how they extracted from a cab in Rom. I would be delighted if someone accidentally fall somewhere in this cab still had and to me it makes available. already many thanks for your help. greeting zaga53
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