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  1. MISTAKE...!!! When I was testing it, it shows in tmc-message-window, seems to be still the old version -> was working as described above. BUT, today I started it again and it shows and I get the 0,0kHz-error which user 'ink nero' in post no. 455 already mentioned. Maybe You (beamrider) sent the wrong version ( instead of to me? Thanks, Olnima the time/date of the files WITHIN the 'OmniaTMC_0_9_5_2.CAB'-file are from 12.8.2010, 8:49pm - 9:12pm... //EDIT! - PS.: just gone back to working and tuning (<> "0,0" kHz) without any problems, so there seems to be still a mistake in beta3.
  2. Because of this statement from beamrider I will not sent the beta 3 to anyone. I'm sure beamrider will answer You soon but it's not my part to do things for him that he wants to do himself. Sorry, Olnima
  3. For me installation and following procedere works without any problems (tested only at home, will test it again when driving in my car on weekend and post results here at the beginning of next week): Start->tune to station with tmc-messages->end->start igo. Frequency in igo is tuning automatically, messages are comming in, everything as it should. Thanks again, Olnima
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