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  1. How can he rename the file if it's a system file? You can't modify the file in any way...?
  2. Yeah, for some dumbass reason the profiles and default start menu shortcut files are system-protected. They can't be moved, deleted, or modified.
  3. Thanks. I'm not trying to modify anything under windows as I know those files are rewritten on startup and any new files are removed upon startup. I'm actually trying to modify my normal.prof.xml (for example) file under /storage/application data/profiles. I've also tried modifying default shortcuts under /storage/windows/start menu to no avail. Any file anywhere with a system attribute can't be modified/deleted. Any help?
  4. Hi All, Is there any way, using a tool/registry hack/security profile hack/whatever to modify system files? I've got WM03 on an i600 and can't touch system files. Resco explorer can't modify the file attributes and ActiveSynch won't even let you copy the damn file off the phone (though you can duplicate the file on the phone and modify/copy the duplicated file). Any ideas? What would be nice is a command prompt on the phone similar to cmd in XP.
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