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  1. Lioryte. Thanks for the Roms. Your efforts made my Omnia a better device. I've jumped ship and picked up a Droid to get started on (like it!). Flashed the Omnia to the Working Stock ROM and have a buyer lined up. Hope to see your work elsewhere! Tom
  2. Hi All, Is MMS working on the latest ROM? I seem to recall reading that it wasn't. If not can anyone tell me what the best working ROM is that has MMS? I may not be flashing this phone much (ever?0 again so I want to leave it with a solid ROM. Thanks. tom
  3. Hi All, I'm looking for ideas on what phone to look for in a used phone. I'm on Verizon now, could upgrade but don't want to lock into a new 2-yr and I want a phone that I can flash/upgrade without worrying about bricking/warrentee issues, etc. With all the new android phones coming out there are people selling pretty new phones looking to upgrade. What 2009 or so phones do people like? Thanks. tom ps. I like the new fast phones but I surf, and do things outdoors and would rather have a "beater" (as we say up north) phone that I'm not worried about getting wet, sandy, etc.
  4. Looking for a decent "starter" Android phone, any thoughts? With all the new android phones out there, or soon to be, I'm interested in picking up a cheap used android phone that I can mess with, flash upgrade, etc. to start into the Android. Change is inevitable but I don't want to lock in to a 2-year plan with Verizon right now. So any thoughts on which 2009 or early 2010 android might be best? Thanks. tom
  5. tom999

    Lioryte Model T ROM

    I'm digging the LTD1 theme. Took a bit to get it configured correctly. Thanks L
  6. tom999

    Pep's Final Rom

    Sounds good. I'd like to give it a try. tom A clock (I like the big hero type) and weather on lock screen would be perfect! I'd rarely unlock too.
  7. Gunnar read the posts above, there may be an conflict issue with Titanium. Maybe hard reset and reinstall without Titanium. The ROM works ok without Titanium cabs. Lioryte bummer about the hard drive.
  8. fyi - I flashed to 21135 v2. It looks ok until after my Sashimi install (I am using the updated version on your first page). I left TitaniumWeather out of my Sashimi install and I still have this same problem with v2. I cannot get to the home screen and program icons on SC are missing.
  9. Lioryte - the issue that utahav8r describes sounds like the same issue I was having with 21235. I run TitaniumWeather also. I can't get to my PC (kids doing homework, jeez kids these days) to look into it. tom
  10. Lioryte - I don't think my issues are ROM related. The issues started after I installed Sashimi. I should probably hard reset and watch the Sashimi install carefully to see if something is funny. The icons not showing are those installed to SC, only one SC icon showed up correctly. Will get back later on this. Thanks. tom
  11. Anyone have any issues with 23134 or 23135? I installed 23135 yesterday. It installed with no probs and the base set up ran fine. When I ran Sashimi (using the same setup I used for 23130) I had some conflicts. I could not get back to the "Home" display, it always showed Programs after I opened that. Tried hard reset and also reflash and I ended up with the same issue both times. So I rolled down to 23134, that installed fine and Sashimi reinstall worked fine but no about half of my program icons don't show. The programs all work but a number of them don't have the icons. I can't see a pattern to it. Any ideas/thoughts on this issue? Thanks. tom ps. Lioryte if you're reading I bought you a beer or two. Once you switch phones I bet many of us will jump ship too! Thanks.
  12. So I reflashed last night. Still learning some of the fine points of Sashimi but did NOT use my Rescoe restore for contacts, as I usually had done, and now the call history WORKS. Thanks for the tip above I would not have known of that conflict. All good!
  13. My call history is always blank just like the one shown in post 1755. The previous DC22 ROM did this also. More info on the text issue - why you reply to a new text from the home screen notification the To field is empty. When you reply to a new text from the text inbox the To field is correctly filled in. liorite - sorry to point out issues, I know this is just something you make for fun. Thanks for your efforts! tom
  14. L fyi I have the same issue where the M$ call log is missing. It will show the number of missing calls but no log of them. I am using your latest DC22 ROM (like it!) but I believe this was also true of the 1st DC22 Rom. Thanks.

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