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  1. ock_TitaniumPremium_29005__FMradio_fixed_.7z We have not heard Ock for several weeks (months) =(
  2. Hi all! Did anyone make dialer's samsung skin enabled? I tried but loadspeaker button disabled always and I have to use dropdown menu to use it. in alternative skin - button works as expected. Is anybody knows how to fix it? And the second question is what the small settings app was displayed just after rom installation finished with settings like -do you want to close apps by one click and so on.. can I start it again?? thanks in advance!
  3. Hi OCK! According to your signature - you are going to make us happy with new rom in May 2011?! Say its true! ) ANd the second question is there any tries / abilities to install win mobile 7 to our omnia? Thanx in advance!
  4. ryrzy's link is works good http://rapidshare.com/files/387905549/Normal_EN.7z
  5. Actually I like Resco Photo Viewer pro. As far as I remember on the first launch it asking about default file association and after that you can click on the pictures in any file explorer and resco viewer handle this!
  6. ryrzy, could you comment this please!? Is there are any possibility to return this button ? Thanx for reply in advance!
  7. Hi all! using 28230 normal rom.. looks very nice! just one question.. in your previous rom (but with M2D) there were button for outlook reminder dismiss on the toolbar but now (in latest build) its disappeared! Thanx for your suggestions!
  8. In new 6.5 UI (with buttons on the bottom) all "minimized" apps were closed each time because of this app!
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