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  1. To be honest, one of the main reasons I got the diamond was for the amazing pixel density...I thought it would make videos look amazing. IN the end, I never found a way of playing 640x480 videos that wasn't either choppy (h264 etc) or had absolutely huge file sizes (MPEG2), even with CorePlayer.
  2. Well the latest version of symbian s60 is meant to be awesome and pretty and usable...and think of the money they'll save on styluses! TBH I can see why they made the move...I'm beginning to become disillusioned with WM (disclaimer - I haven't seen the new WM6.5 stuff yet)...
  3. I was looking into this too. I think trying to do it over bluetooth is a bit ambitious...but it's apparently possible via usb. (Goes and finds the site) ..right, this is the one I've found...you might need to do the thing it mentions at the very end of the first post in big letters (the CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVE A TOUCH DIAMOND bit). I haven't tried this...I just stumbled across it and bookmarked it for a rainy (and non-busy) day. Let me (and everyone else, I guess) know how you get on - I'd be interested to know!
  4. You can! You can you can. The video quality's often a bit funny but I can never tell if that's the network or not. In opera, type in "opera:config" (no quotes). There's lots of stuff to fiddle with in here, but for this, just go down to "User Prefs". Open it up and go down to "Custom User Agent" and add " sgh-i900" to the end...for some reason mine then says " (Windows NT)" but I don't think that's necessary. Then just restart opera and go to bbc.co.uk/mobile/iplayer. (source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=470193 and http://blog.artesea.co.uk/2008/11/bbc-ipla...touch-pro.html)
  5. Made me laugh :) Each to his own I guess...I quite like Ikea! The only thing is, I always come out with loads of Quality Swedish Crap. I mean, I look at it afterwards and I know I need it all...I just didn't know that I needed it...
  6. Argh, and here's me with a lowly diamond...gnrgnrgnr....I knew I should have waited...
  7. fraktal

    The G1: modaco?

    Well in that case, it's getting an awful lot of attention over here at modaco ;) ...although as I'm very interested in it, I'm not complaining...
  8. fraktal

    The G1: modaco?

    Modaco has always been completely focused on Windows Mobile devices - if you were to describe this site to someone, that would be one of the first things you'd mention. However, there's recently been lots of interest in the G1 and Android...see where I'm going? Will modaco get an Android section? Or will the G1 be covered by Mobiholics? (and should I set up a poll ;) ?) Just throwing it out there, because someone (well, Paul and the admin/moderation team) has to make a decision in the near future!
  9. There;s an option to adjust the sensitivity in Advanced Config; I haven't noticed any effect of fiddling with it though...
  10. Sorry to go OT but do you still have a link for that, or the name of the seller, or anything about the description? Thanks.
  11. Transport Tycoon Deluxe (OpenTTD) is awesome if you don't mind squinting. Get the exes and things from http://www.esoftinteractive.com/openttd.html and the games files from The Underdogs, I believe it's now abandonware.
  12. AFAIK the hermes ROM scene over at XDA-dev is thriving. I had one and loved it dearly but it died. If it's an old one then I would definitely flash it to the newest, flashiest ROM I could find. Look in the XDA-dev forum under Hermes > Hermes ROM development or something, for some reason I can't get on there at the moment but usually theres loads and loads of WM6.1 ROMs made specifically for the Hermes. Or, if it needs a loving home, send it my way ;) And yes, the camera is terrible. Edit: It's in Forum > Hermes Mobile 6. The ROMs are generally posted in topics with lots of underscores in.
  13. Will existing owners be able to use the new version, or will they have to upgrade/re-buy...?
  14. Well, it's possible for Palms through PalmOrb (http://palmorb.sourceforge.net/)...maybe it could be run on a WM device through an emulator or something...
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