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  1. edmundteosg

    nOObody and Rapid Sense 2.5 ROM

    I notice the flash plugins in Opera 10 does not load, even after enabling plugins under advance. Any steps to overcome this?
  2. Does anyone share my issue with GPRS connection selection? Opera 10 uses "My Internet" for connecting to Internet. However, its uses the "WAP connection" when I browse to youtube and trigger any flash playback. The flash content never seems to load, I figured its to do the the session mismatch between the 2 connections. Reinstalled with it, nothing helps. :P Any suggestion is appreciated. Omnia 6.5 i8000nxxjj1
  3. Just installed Opera 10 for WM, its plays youtube and loads other flash-based video sites. Be warned, it does not load flash version 9 and later.
  4. at least now I know that I am not alone. I found the jerky video capturing with my OM2, just like u guys. I dun think Samsung will commit to offer a fix. Or has anyone heard abt a fix for the jerky video capturing in the pipeline?

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