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  1. BRO i cant ennter to that mood to the only mood i can enter is fast boot mood the blou lcd ..........
  2. hi i need to ristory u8220 but it only can enter to fast boot and i cant enter to ricovry mood i need hilpe the phone kipe ristsrting in t mobille logo ............... thanks
  3. ok thanks dont be angree i use r6.1-2.1-pulsae-a2sd+-signed.zip and upd4-r6-2.1-pulse-a2sd+-vanilla-signed.zip but when i use Arabic2.1SupportInstall.zip it hang and stop on android logo
  4. its u8220 and the ricovre is green 2.1 may be will hilpe
  5. thanks but its abut u8230 and i have u 8220 so are thay same ?? bicus i dont have lot of information abut android i tray it but it give me thes e:failure at line 87:set_perm 0 0 0777 system:xbin/a2sd please hilpe me u are the first one say there is arabic for u8220 but my haway and android information are zero please be pation withe me and tiche me stape by stapes please
  6. u8220 please arabic rom for read arabic name please some budy hilpe me
  7. hi i need r800i arabic languge and how to macke it stape by stape please thanks
  8. i teache respect to the all whorld and to u
  9. thnks but whene i use it biicome like sumple
  10. many of member can hilpe me but thay dont and its not your bisness to be angree iam free to write how many topics i whant u ara sulfish and u dont whant pipule hilpe me :) :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  11. sory but i ben crize and iam looking for arabic even read and write
  12. i need to write arabic and read arabic and contact arabic for pulsa hawai u8220
  13. mr. twrock : your rom is the only one inclode arabic please tell us how to add arabic to read name and sms how to add thes to ather rom or fix my pproblem withe your rom?
  14. ok all is ok but now i only need to show arbic name whene call coming
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