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  1. search this forum for hs_weather_without_bg (copy all files to windows directory using total commander etc.) weather is still there but without the fullscreen clouds etc. to get rid of weather totally on homescreen flash to M2D v1 ROM by OCK hope that helps :P
  2. Thank you OCK :P 23563 Premium is the best ROM I have ever used. Well done! :D
  3. Used M2D, SPB, pointui, winterface, WAD...... now back to basics :( Would love to try Ock's new today :(
  4. omar junior, can you upload the weather pngs you have been working on? I'd like to make an improved version for i900 :(
  5. Quite a few differences. Pointui vs SPB. Try each and find out :(
  6. That looks sweet! Can you add an alarm indicator?
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