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  1. just wondering if this would work with the Mitac 8390 ?
  2. PocketGBA on an overclocked (300Mhz) Mitac 8390 isn't too shabby at all...
  3. you won't be able to run the sis file as that's for symbian phones like the p900..download the nokia com file from the (Nokia games with DeltaMIDP: Possible) thread in this forum and you'll need the bounce.jar file from somewhere. Just associate jar files with something like winrar and open it up and drag the com directory into it and save it. Then just drag it on your phone and open it up and it'll install itself
  4. I've not noticed a difference between a 256mb and 1Gb card yet
  5. rumour is that they're bringing it out on Nov 11th to coincide with Halo 2 just for a laugh :wink:
  6. yep it plays by moving the nokia com directory into the jar file but the graphics are a little mucked up
  7. Same with my mitac so used the 2003 version and that works
  8. I had the same problem but created a new channel and ticked anything but english as the Language and it stops the message coming up, only problem is that when I switch off the phone I have to go through the same procedure again!! :cry:
  9. Picodrive is amazing on the 8390 now that GAPI works!!!
  10. Hi, anyone have any info on any emulators that might be in development, say a C64, BBC or even a new improved Spectrum one..just interested if there might be something to look out for in the emulator scene
  11. You boys are geniuses....just when I was thinking of going to the dark side (P900) I now have my Mitac running the things I want it to run so no need to get rid of it now!! and as they say, things can only get better :D
  12. I too bought this phone to play good old emulators, "SNES games at full speed, Woohoo". Should have looked on Modaco before I bought it I guess. Wonder if Mitac are going to start bringing out laptops that aren't compatible with DirectX as that's what they've effectively done with this phone. On a slight tangent, anyone know a good place for Java games that use the full screen instead of those piddly games made for smaller screens?
  13. Hurray, can now play my DivX's on my Mitac 8390...this program is the canine love spheres alright!!!
  14. Any word on a fix for GAPI? Just find it a bit annoying that I bought a fast smartphone to play emulators and games on, and find that it's a smartphone that can't play many smartphone programs! :evil: Oh well at least Doom works so guess I'll have to go complete it again :D
  15. Just wondering if anyone had found a case to fit the 8390, was looking at the krusell one for the v600 and it's not that different in size to the 8390. Just wondering if anyone had any joy finding a case to fit
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