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  1. I....You........ Marry me? lol
  2. This is just an educated guess, and I may be way off the mark, but the fact that it beeps when you hit end (Unless it has it's own way to produce this sound via hardware) indicates that they may not be physically dead. Have you tried the normal stuff? Hard Reset, Different Rom, Reflash, w/e?
  3. I second the motion. This and the "Programs randomly closing when RAM drops to 50mb," need to be addressed..
  4. Bump and What The badword?? This has been an issue for me for ages, and it's frustrating. I use MS Reader a lot, and whenever I respond to a Text message, it closes. TouchFlo constantly closes on me, and I need to wait for it to reload. I only install MS Reader, PhoneEx, Skyfire and..... That's it, I think. I'm currently using Shokka's latest ROM. How can no one address this? It's one of the main reasons I wish people were still cooking decent 6.1 ROMS. I'll post a video soon of it in action. Edit - Video uploaded. Apparantly MyMobiler has terrible quality, but I actually caught it in action this time. Notice when I go to open the Showcase, TouchFlo dies? And it appears the magic number is 50mb for the RAM. Re-Edit - No harassment based on the content of my txt messages permitted :-P lol. Video01.rar
  5. You my friend are a champion amongst men. I've been having this issue non stop and it's been driving me insane. Please, chef, fix this issue!

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