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  1. I've just instaled GreenJeans! It looks nice! Good job! Thx Jumba! :huh:
  2. Is there any big difference between 23557 & 23563? (i saw the first topic but i asked about use)
  3. Problem has solved itself after midnight... everything is ok again! Weird situation! ;) sorry for spam ;)
  4. does anyone know why call logs (mised calls and outgoing calls) and sent items (messages) are shown on the last position in the list? they should be first - on the top (chronological order) but aren't! I noticed this problem today. before all was ok... I made Hard reset, and i've set up sort by time....
  5. i have OCK Premium ROM and it is excellent but i noticed today that missed calls in call log or sent items in Messages from today (actual day) aren't chronologically! they have the last position in the register (call history). Before everything was fine. anyone have similar problem? (sorry for my English) edit: i sort everything by time in messages or calls setting. Which filtr did you set up in messaging? (received, message type, from or subject)
  6. Could you share with me this fix ? (or where i can find it?) EDIT: I found it and problem with gps was solved
  7. This is weather tab, isn't it? so i removed haburg and set up my city (poznan) but hamburg still is at home screen.
  8. i removed Hamburg from weather tab but it still is on home screen. after soft reset too
  9. Have you any idea of the problem? How to fix this?
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