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  1. I did. Might due to some applications I am using. Not sure. Anyway, flash to Khuanchai_IF1_21001_UL_PP6, using OCK's rlToday's cab for time being... works great. Thanks OCK. Meanwhile, waiting for OCK's next rom in the future... :P Thanks for the reply, melburnian. Appreciates. ^^
  2. Don't know why, but apparently, the calendar not working on my omnia - unable to add appointments (in the latest ROM). It happens to previous ROM as well, have been working, but stops working after sometime, unable to add any further appointments.
  3. Have installed the WM_Default_SMS_skin__htmlnote_.cab Seems faster in launching sms from titaniumsense. Well done, Ock! In addition, have also noticed the icons of deleted messages have correctly reflected finally. Previously, was reflected as mms icons in the deleted message folder (tho' not a big problem). hehe. Thank you. :)
  4. I tried my friend's OmniaII, I don't quite like it, probably flashed to custom ROM would be much better. Still, would prefer to move on to HTC instead. Eyeing on HTC Diamond2 or HTC HD2... (if I ever decided to let go my Omnia) Still pretty happy with my Omnia, thanks to all the tweaks and custom ROM available here. heehee... :)
  5. For those who are using S2U2, version2.33 is out. <_< It can be found in xda-developers website or http://ac-s2.com
  6. Just switched to PUJA1 a couple of hours ago, so cannot comment much. Previously have been using DXID1, no problem (at least for my own usage). Then been tempted and switched to JJIA1, noticed battery seems to last longer, but I still encounter drop calls. It probably due to poor network coverage instead of phone part. Not sure. XBIC1, I yet to try.
  7. I'm still using 28218 premium too. Is simply awesome for me, using titaniumsense interface. Thanks again, OCK. OCK, I think gchris mentioned in his post, he's onto titaniumsense v1.3, but no device to test wqvga. Wondering if u r interested n have the time to test/cook into it? If no time, is ok. Don't worry. :( Terenc3, you try select: In Messaging, you go to --> Tools --> Options --> Messaging --> Select Use Unicode when necessary.
  8. I've the similar doubt too. So, I prefer try not to mess around with the phone part.
  9. I don't experience any problem with 3G-video call, tho' I only used a couple of times. Have been using DXID1 (from QBus-pda n phone part.)... Wifi no problem. GPS, I hardly use. Only tried once, when using OCK's win6.5 rom build-pda part. Battery life somehow it depends on which pda rom i have flashed. It varies. So far, using OCK's win6.5 rom, no issue for me, at least 2 days... tho' I didn't really monitor how long can it last until, as I usually charge before the battery fully used up. Actually, I prefer not to mess around with the phone part. So far, have been retaining DXID1 phone part while trying out other chief's 6.5 rom (since no phone part included).
  10. Thanks. Was hoping to be a "bug-free" one. Kinda like the 218xx series.
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