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    HTC Desire - MCR r3.1
  1. Just received a popup saying that "A system update is available". It includes - Android OS update patch Enhanced multi inbox Gmail Improved keyboard layout Anyone updated to this? Does it take away root?
  2. rav1patel

    My thoughts on HTC's announcements

    I get where @cheshire_carper is coming from. The biggest problem with HTC is that you don't really know how support for your phone is going to be. Much as I'm not an Apple fan experience seems to indicate that they support their handsets with updates for around two years. The Hero received one update from 1.5 to 2.1 and that looks to be the end of it's journey. It really felt like they took their time with 2.1 to try and get people to buy a Desire in the meantime as well. The gap between leaked builds of 2.1 appearing and the official ROM was massive. HTC were quick with 2.2 for the Desire so credit where it's due. But will we see 3.0 and beyond when they come out? HTC really are starting to become mainstream. The Desire is my 8th HTC and the first one that I actually regularly spot people using in the real world. Fingers crossed the success puts pressure on them to improve their support.
  3. rav1patel

    Tapatalk for Modaco VOTE NOW!!

    Lol. Glad to see I'm not the only one waiting for this.
  4. Hi Paul, I only partitioned once and then upgraded it to EXT3 so I should only have one partition. I've downloaded Quick System Info and found that the A2SD is working. But for some reason I've only got 60MB of internal storage free. When I flashed the ROM (after a wipe) I had about 90MB. I'm wondering why this is so low as I baked a fairly light ROM. I was previously using nextsense which gave me 130MB free space on a fresh install and never dipped below 100MB. Just to add that apart from this issue I love r9 :lol:
  5. I'm having problems getting A2SD working. I had an EXT2 partition which I'd made using clockworkmod but this didn't work. So I flashed amonra and repartitioned the card. I used a swap size of 0MB. I then upgraded the EXT2 to EXT3. But A2SD is still not working. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  6. rav1patel

    MCR r8 Archive

    I know ROM size varies depending on how you bake the ROM but does anyone have any idea roughly how much free space I can expect after a fresh install with A2SD. I'm only getting around 75MB with a fairly light ROM minus a lot of extras.
  7. So going by this Desire/Legend owners can expect FroYo around February 2011.
  8. Just rooted and intalled r3.1. Nice work Paul.
  9. Was just a bit bored so decided to root. Bit different to how I did my Hero but no problems. Cheers Paul!
  10. rav1patel

    How to: Root phone and install Android v.2.1

    Just flashed R6. Seems nice but just wish it was Vanilla. Great work though!
  11. rav1patel

    FAO devs/Paul; Do you need a HTC Desire dump?

    I had to call up to sort out payment and the woman told me that they're coming on Friday. She said that they should come early enough to ship out and receive on Saturday.
  12. rav1patel

    FAO devs/Paul; Do you need a HTC Desire dump?

    Mine's coming on Saturday too! Does htccode.com work for the Desire? I need to get mine unlocked to use on Orange.
  13. rav1patel

    Windows Phone 7 Series is official!

    I think it looks good but doubt still can't see myself switching back from Android. I don't understand all the comments about iPhone and Android being 6 months ahead by the time this comes out. I can't really see either platform making an unforeseen quantum leap by Xmas. Apple may possibly add multi tasking and better hardware. Hardly earth shattering.
  14. Not going to buy anything until I get my Hero 2.1 update. Hopefully that will keep me happy enough for another few months. Edit: Yay! My 100th post. Only took nearly six years.
  15. Looks great. I'd love one but I know as soon as Gingerbread comes out I'll get annoyed seeing N1 owners get their updates instantly while HTC faff about and leave Desire owners hanging.

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