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  1. really? No one cares about streaming video from their server to their android phone?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has successfully streamed AVI's to their droid? My history with streaming: - Used Orblive on PC to stream media (Media Skin) - Streamed to my omnia i910, played media with Coreplayer Worked pretty good with that setup, streamed AVI's very well (which is practically 99% of my media library) Now i have a moto droid(1) but im having trouble trying to find an easy setup to stream video media. Have tried: - VLC. The setup to stream media isnt very user friendly such as a web menu that you log into your PC and browse through your library (or atleast i havent found a good tutorial yet) - GMOTE. Its easy. Install GMOTE (w/java) on the PC (if linux have VLC on the PC too) but on the droid... you cant stream AVI. I have tried installing VLC on my droid, opens the program but wont play video. I also have Rock Player but you cant make it the default media player, so thus it wont play the stream either (or atleast i havent found/read a way to do so) - Orblive. Great web interface. Problems though is that orb only streams in WMV/.SDP/.3GP/.PLS/Flash. The droid can only do Flash (recently, as in... 2 days ago or so) or 3GP. Flash looks... well... to give it some credit... "decent" but isnt the best FPS IMO. The 3GP format looks like watching horrible pixelling crap, to say the least. Other formats wont even stream due to the media player. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Looking for stream software (either Win7 or Linux (ubuntu)) that will stream video files (AVI's) w/o having to convert them before streaming to the android phone. If possible... A Decent setup such as web interface thats easy to point/click navigate through the stream library (like GMOTE or Orblive) Is this possible? I would like to just keep using Orblive but i cant change the default media player... and the only other media player i have found is Rock Player (and recently VLC on android) PLEASE.... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! I know im not the only out there that knows they can stream their library over 3G!!!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  3. Was wondering if there was an app for streaming media files (mainly video) to android. I have a moto droid from verizon and i used to use Orb for my samsung omnia i910, worked great. But for some reason the video looks all sorts of distorted/pixelling on my droid. Tried all the settings i could in orb to see if was a speed/buffering issue, but no go. Any suggestions or has anyone else run into this problem?
  4. Hey everyone, Thx for reading this. Im a 1st time user of any 'smart phone' device. My 1st device was/is an omnia i910, windows mobile - love it.... after i got the gps unlocked and what not. But... technology has grown up a bit and im thinking of switching to the droid. Somethings have been keeping me backed away from it though and was wondering if i could get some advice/opinions from droid users. Basically after researching the crap out of the phone (as i do before i jump into a $300+ device) i have kindve ran into some road blocks. Basically from what i have read: -Multi touch isnt active, even though possible -Live wall papers arent active, but possible I kindve want/need my phone to have GPS, stream music with orb networks and... thats pretty much it... but the extra bonus of multitouch (pinch zoom) and live wall paper sounds awesome. Can the droid do this? On a side note i have been wondering if i should hold off till the nexus one comes to verizon. But i just recently saw a video/read an article that the hardware fails on multi touch and the keyboard with the droid kindve knocks out the fact the nexus doesnt have one. Spec wise though whats the better choice? Droid or Nexus one I played with the droid at verizon and noticed it doesnt respond to fingernails/styluses - is this a right, or was i tripping out that day and not pushing down hard enough? Also as far as switching to another OS on mobile (which poses no problem) what should i expect coming from WM? I use SPB Mobile shell and i love it, its fast and creative. Anything similar to that? Thx so much in advance for the opinions!
  5. The omnia i910 comes with a multi adapter. On the multi adapter has an input for the headphone/mic cord (3.5mm jack), input for usb/charger spot and an output 2.5mm audio Might be able to just google something on it, ebay... or a reputable cell phone store
  6. Instead of asking everyone on a forum that doesnt work for verizon, i called up tech support and got it from the horses mouth - in this case a tech support rep. They wont, at all, replace your model phone with another. They USED to have a policy after so many swaps they would look over a sheet that had models that were possible to swap out with. This is no more. kindve sucks because im getting sick of my phone / car charger not working together... physically sick. Over heats, dies...
  7. and the conclusion.... heat kills it. the omnia bites it hard due to heat. I finally caught my i910 crashing down while the multi adapter, car charger and headphone jack plugged into it. Had google maps GPS'ing me around a for a minute while in the background coreplayer was streaming music VIA orb networks. Then... this little guy popped up :( followed by a message 'stopping charge due to temperature' or something of the sort. This explains while i have the car charger going, i do a job, come back and the phone is dead. heat.... heat............................................................................ ............................ any suggestions to fix this? I know GPS cranks the temp, i know streaming constant data straps temp up.... but... come on... im sure this is concluded... but if someone has a suggestion other than "dont run anything", please... please help.
  8. Using stock update from verizon. UNINSTALLED PREVIOUS VERSION OF GM, Installed 4.0 - works. I use my GPS 8 hrs a day constantly - no crash. The "buzz" feature didnt work though... kept bringing up the terms of agreement everytime i would hit the "buzz" icon (above the location icon). But... i didnt softreset the device after it was installed and didnt try it since. EDIT: Tried "buzz" again - working. Just needed a reboot.
  9. this still seems like a possibility for me... someone who has paid about 17 months of 6.99 on 2 phones for insurance ($119x2=$238). But really... the main questions like; How much of a hassle was this, how many times did you have to talk to someone to finally convince them to send you another phone, was this just "brick/software/hardware" glitch/failure or has someone lost or had their cell stolen? Heh... Im so intrigued by this post i kindve want to do a research project with it. Jot down my info of calling into VZW. How many times/conversation had/what was discussed. After seeing this post i really thought of how much i paid into this pointless insurance... pointless to me now due to the fact i dont toss my phone around or disregard it (got it though because it was my 1st smart phone and was a whopping 199 (w/another i910 free - after rebate). But i stick to my earlier point, the phone is $10 now, why wouldnt they just send me either a refurb or new i910 (thus the what made others get a different mobile) VZW has been helpful in the past. Not tech wise but customer service wise, havent dealt with their tech group yet. i really think this scenario is far fetched.... no joke... but, anything to make the customer happy and keep their $99+additional line's/data plan(x)2 business, right?
  10. that hardware keyboard seems like such a catch... but seems like verizon/moto are really keeping certain options closed on the droid (multi touch, live wall paper). I waited a full 6 months for just GPS on my i910... dont know if i want to go through something like that again. Plus i just read that the N1 coming to verizon might not have the multi touch enabled on its device....? Seems like more or less a rumor... Anyone use a blue tooth keyboard with any of their devices? Seems like this would be an alternative for me if i want to go the N1 or i920 route. I like touch screen keyboards, sometimes... but everyone is a bit faster with some kindve hardware keyboard.
  11. I have been seeing the term "rooted" a lot with android OS? What does that mean?
  12. Was thinking of UPG to a new phone. Omnia i910 is my 1st "smart phone" on a windows mobile OS. I must say it has treated me nice. I like the apps that i have come across for media playing and some games. But i noticed a lot of new apps for WM are aiming for higher resolution were the i910 is a little guy qvga. Was looking at the droid, multitouch/live wall paper seemed like a catchy selling point... being if verizon ever pumps out that 2.1 android update. I also heard the 2.1 for droid wont have live wall paper... so it would be like dealing with the GPS when i got my omnia i910 all over again. Not familiar with android OS either... kindve of a turn off... dont know what to look for as far as apps or tweaks. Keyboard seems nice for a change..? On the other hand there is the omnia 2. Whats to say... bigger screen resolution? uh... faster processor? But its still running WM w/o any multitouch... ummmmmm... thats about it...? I was playing around with the store display omnia 2... and i must say my i910 is a bit faster. I know everyones dirty paws have been over the display unit, into settings and such, but i really feel my i910 is kindve beating the omnia 2...? Any advice? Should i just stick to my guns till say... the nexus for verizon comes out? or is the droid / omnia 2 worth getting? Maybe ill just go off the deep end and buy the shroomed out ipad... Thx in advance for the opinions :(
  13. kindve what i was thinking... I have verizons TEC Insurance (Asurion) and if lost/stolen/dmg'ed the phone would be replaced after paying 50... well, the phone is worth $10's now! Why would i fork out 50 when i can easily convince a sales rep to speak the higher up to get me the current deal and renew my contract (how i got my omnia deal 6 months before my new on 2)? Was interested in this thread because i was wondering if i should switch to Droid... like if my phone was mysteriously gone... pay 50 for insurance to get a droid. Verizon you can definitly kindve haggle with (within reason), but i dont know if they would fly low as say, 50, for the droid (im sure 100... but still not worth the switch at that point IMO) As for the bro who got a omnia 2 and the other guy with the eris, how much of a hassle was this? How many calls, time it took to recieve the phone, did you have to replace your phone multiple times? As far as im concerned... if they are selling the omnia i910 like candy now for $10 a pop, im sure if i get it replaced im going to get some sort of omnia i910 back... being it refurbished from say peeps in this post sending them into verizon/asurion while Verizon/Asurion turns around dishing it out to the next chump in line, or a brand new omnia i910
  14. Never thought of the 12v while vehicle is off... Hmmmm. Ill give it another go Definitely plugged in though (SPB Mobile shows the battery icon with the arrow pointing up). I have another multi adapter i can give a try. No one else has had this issue? Is your samsung car charger OEM or through Verizon (universal car charger). I noticed the pins on the charger are on left side and right side (The +/-), wasnt sure if the universal charger was missing say a grounding pin or something.
  15. Since i drive around for my job (communication technician for comcast) I use my omnia for a GPS device (Google Maps) as well as stream music with Orb. Problem i was running into is both GPS/constant streaming music drains the battery ~4 hrs later The i910 comes with a multi adapter as many people know. I broke down and bought a "universal" car charger from verizon. Plugged my FM transmitter into the adapter via headphone cord (not the 2.5mm but the long 3.5mm w/mic) and plugged the car charger into the adapter as well, both into the appropriate plugs. All seemed well, omnia said it was plugged into a power source and was charging. So i left the device on while i went about my job. Came back, unplugged the device from the multi adapter and the phone didnt like that... immediately went to 20% battery and put the phone into flight mode. My conclusion - the multi adapter doesnt let the phone charge with car charger...? I tried the phone into the car charger, was charging fine... but then i cant listen to music. Cant use BT audio being that i dont want to spend anymore money on something i can already get around with a FM transmitter (also this is a company vehicle and it doesnt have an audio input on the radio) Anyone else run into this problem? Possible/Solid solution to fixing this? The only other solution i can think of is returning the car charger for a AC home charger and busting out my 400w DC->AC power supply... PLEASE HELP! :(
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