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  1. I can alter the slider no problems, but the actual sound does not decrease or increase in volume. it is static at one volume
  2. Guys I am unable to lower the ear piece volume when making a call - can you please confirm if this is an issue with your phone too?
  3. OK, the toggling of bluetooth trick worked, I got data working after 2 or 3 toggles of bluetooth! I've noticed that the signal strength isn't as good as it was with the Sense ROM. Also, under Settings, System, Status Bar, Signal Status Style, Text, it shows -1 dBM, as opposed to the expect -80 odd. Any ideas?
  4. Those attacking TripNRaVeR put a sock in it. he has done an awesome job, I dont care if he shares his code or not. that up to him
  5. Photocamera, Videocamera, Frontcamera FIXED FIXED FIXED yessssss
  6. Fabulous work Trip! I use the camera a lot, so will flash this as soon as the camera is working! THanks so much for your excellent work
  7. £30/mth - 12 mth contract handset = £100 http://www.buymobilephones.net/store/merch...50-Phones.ihtml
  8. the only problem i have is with tomtom , the icon on the today screen dissapears and returns at will. the rest are ok
  9. Hi chaps Just to update you on the TYTN II with Orange line 1/line2 functionality. 1. You can toggle between line 1 and line 2 2. You can make calls on line and line 2 3. You can receive texts on line 1 and line 2 However, You can ONLY receive calls on line 1. When someone calls your line 2, you get a dead line tone. INFURIATING! any work arounds anyone?
  10. Hi guys, Just came accross this on ebay. Ebay Item (if the link does not work, search 3 in 1 USB 11pins Adapter for HTC Kaiser P4550 TYTN II on ebay) does anyone have one? So judging by the pics, you can connect the active sync cable, hands free kit and a pair of headphones at the same time???????
  11. just as frustrated as the rest of you, but the latest update is next week wednesday.....
  12. lol but Philippe Bernard doesnt exist, its actually BERNARD GHILLEBEART!
  13. Hi, the SIM unlock wont app unlock the phone, you need to go here http://developer.orangews.com/orgspv/comdef.aspx to app unlock it, cheers
  14. lol sorry about that, nobody was replying to my other post! this is a must have feature i am sure for most people! can anyone provide any info? much appriciated!
  15. Paul i know its off topic, but does it support line 2???
  16. HI GUYS, latest update is that it will be released in early October
  17. hey guys does the kaiser support line 2 on Orange?
  18. hi guys its a september release.
  19. launched. Give customer services a call and order away
  20. HTC TOUCH launched on Orange as the HTC TOUCH! :)
  21. hi butler, you will need to log into the router usually by opening internet explorer and typing in (this can vary, read the router manual for more info) - this should then connect you to the router settings page, where you will be able to see/change the WEP settings hope this helps
  22. i cant seem to switch gprs off. it is constantly on. with previous models, you could hold the end key or keep the home button pressed and you could disable it. any ideas?
  23. i had the phone replaced and the new one works perfectly. must have been a faulty handset
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