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  1. wow!!! thanks a lot!!!!!! I thought that rom developing for this device was stopped
  2. this rom is very fast and responsive! until now, everything is going very well for me
  3. if you plug the charger and the red led turns on, it's not bricked! to fix this, you can flash using xp or vmware with xp... and don't forget the samsung drivers try to do a hard reset with the method of pressing 'call' and 'end' keys, if you don't know how to do this, google is your friend!
  4. igo amigo stops working when overheating, I think because processor speed slows down... with this it kept working and where I live the antenna signal is always full and this does not cause any problem
  5. very nice rom!!!! keep your good working! about the wifi, just change the operator, wait 1 min and change back if still persists, connect to the pc and configure with activesync
  6. I made something different I covered the chip and sim card with thin plastic (to not cause any shortcut ->) then I put aluminium foil everywhere on the back case With this when I use the gps it causes less overheating
  7. found a working link http://hotfile.com/dl/89623711/dc9586c/Yon..._23149.exe.html
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