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  1. lol dude its straight forward.... install it just like any other app and go threw the pages
  2. well i have seen quite a few apps that use the camera such as qik and a few webcam apps... if you check out my blog you can find several different apps i have used... but yeah you can make something similar to that... all that robot does is look for the color on the iphoney that corresponds with a certain movement... reminds me of the gyro game back on the NES that came with a robot that did stuff depending on what you did in the game
  3. the phone does charge on USB... my car charger and wall charger are broken and i have been charging it from the USB for the past 2 weeks every night while i sleep and it has had the same battery life as a normal charger.. i am not using mass storage option either... im not sure if it just takes longer to charge or what but it does work.... the only problem i had was when my phone was completely dead that it would not charge off of USB
  4. lmao this is almost an exact copy of the omnia all the way down to the stylist.... the only visible changes is the body (casing) and the wm6.5 UI... LG is a great company and i liked all of their phones that i have used in the past but im highly disappointed in their blunt knock off omnia
  5. well as most of you know you can put in your own widgets for the samsung online widgets today screen (for those that dont) well im having trouble finding compatible widgets.... there is widgets.opera.com that has widgets made for your computer and some of them work for the omnia given that they are the right resolution and what not, but some are a hit or miss... other than that i have no idea where any others are. i have an i910 and our widgets are kinda slackin... all we get from stock are - analog/digital/world clock - game folder - calendar - photo albumb thing - music player - fm radio - phone book (a 4 slot quick access thing sorta like top friends deal) - notifications - the sound profile - web browser (just a quick link to opera) - notepad thing - wireless manager - thing that displays carrier name - MSLive search - weather bug yeah not much interesting there... im lookin for more things to add. i know that other versions of this phone got more widgets so if you can direct me where to get those i would be much appreciated... but yeah any other widgets you have downloaded and or a site that has usable widgets would be great..
  6. yeah samsung messed that up when they released the update.... your gonna have to keep badgering them to fix it like i do. after enough people start complaining about it they will put one out rather quickly....
  7. well the reason it shows the animation is cause it actually has to load up the other screen.. its not like it can just flip it and be ik.... it has to resize it... some apps if you try and flip during it will either come out wrong or lock up the phone cause they dont support that... when it flips it looks in the app to process how the screen goes... so i dont think a registry hack would work other than no animation... it would still wait for it to process it all you just wouldnt see an animation.... at least i think thats how it works
  8. i just use a program called nimbuzz... connects to every chat service i know..... http://adamhandy.blogspot.com/search/label/nimbuzz check out my bog for more detail and a link
  9. the more you have running and the less memory you have in your main storage.... sadly you cant turn it off but you can use one of the ones that use the least time... i dont know which one that is tho i just use system default... but you can find it all in settings/system/motion sensor/rotate animation i have my phone set to only rotate when i hit the camera button and it only rotates to the left or right... i dont know if it takes longer using the sensor to see what direction you are holding the phone
  10. i know there is already a post talking about the telescope lens but i did a full review on it and have a few sets of pictures and some video so you can see what its like... http://adamhandy.blogspot.com/2009/08/tele...sung-omnia.html thanks everyone let me know if you have any questions
  11. what type of things are you looking for? http://adamhandy.blogspot.com/search/label/phone my blog has a few apps on it you might like
  12. yeah im sure everyone will get one at some point in time and it is barely noticeable so im sure many of us have them and dont even notice
  13. you guys realize there is a much better app that does the same thing as this but with actual real girls? http://adamhandy.blogspot.com/2009/06/webc...phone-idea.html scroll down to the bottom of the post and you can watch a video demonstrating it and the download link is just under the video.... you can use it with any picture and best of all its free too!
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