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  1. A little update: I've just flashed radio version and nothing changed. Well, looks like now I have better GSM coverage, but that I'll confirm (or not) during the next few days. And just another thought which just came to my mind: could it be that the tytn is sending the voice to the headset at volume 0 or something like that? I'm amazed, 'cause I can talk and people hear me, but I don't hear them
  2. Problem #1: I'm afraid the problem here is my wifi router, but maybe someone can help. I can use any of the wifi networks I've tried (ad-hoc or infrastructure), except my home network. I have a Pre-N Belkin router (Model is F5D8233-4v3(01)), which works well with my other devices, including a Sharp Zaurus C760, but I can't connect using the tytn. It detects the network and tries to connect, but never manages to do it. I've even left my network completely open (no wep, no wpa, dhcp enabled, no mac filtering), but no joy. Does anyone know a way to make this two devices work together? The router is already using the latest firmware from Belkin. Problem #2: I've got a bluetooth ad2p enabled headset (http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12411) which works very strangely. When I pair it to the tytn, I can choose two profiles (Wireless stereo and handsfree) but then the headset doesn't work as expected. If the music is on, it works well and pauses (as expected) when I recieve a call, but the problem is that the person calling can hear me, while I hear nothing. When the call ends, music resumes well. I've spent two days trying all kinds of software supposed to forward all audio from the phone via bluetooth (Bluetooth Audio Router, BtMusic, BlueMusic, BlueAudio, etc.), and all I've managed to get is hearing when I recieve a call, but in that case a2dp doesn't work and I hear no music at all. I've recently purchased a 8gb microSDHC card to use for music, and I'd like to use it. I don't want to get back to corded headsets or earphones. By the way, the bluetooth headset works well with other mobile phones. Well, any help will be much appreciated. BTW, yesterday I flashed a wm 6.1 Pro rom (I was using 6.0 Pro) to see if it solved the problems, but I still have them. I'm using radio version, but I've been told radio has nothing to do with wifi or bt, so I'm desperate right now. Thanks in advance.
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