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  1. dannych99

    19 Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    Great Job!
  2. You're good man! Downloading for personal study. Cross finger.
  3. dannych99

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Sorry to hear this.
  4. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GWE\Touch\Filter] "MinimumTapTime"=dword:40 Remove this key or change value to 0 and soft reset.
  5. dannych99

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    That's nice!
  6. dannych99

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    looks very nice, gonna try it out! •Storage ~ 60 MB Free Hope to get more rom space :)
  7. dannych99


    Thanks for your great program!
  8. Same kitchen and OEM set from PDAMobiz! Another nice ROM comes to MoDaCo!! :rolleyes:

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