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  1. This is a problem that I have had in the past, its usually down to the fact that the date and time get set to factory default. If you manually set it to the correct date and time (for some reason the network sync doesnt work) then that should sort it out. As a work around install clocksync from the market (once you have manually set it of course!).
  2. +1 for this, the sgs lockscreen is very clunky feeling. I have installed widgetlocker pro twice now and disabled it both times as the sgs lockscreen still keeps on popping up at random which spoils the widgetlocker experience.
  3. Not really wanting to pay less, ill wait till my sub is due and pay the full amount. Happy to keep donating, on my third device supported by your development so £10 a year seems pretty cheap to me :)
  4. I googled that statement, seems a lot of people have cut and paste that around the internet. Doesnt mean its true. Gorilla Glass is NOT unscratchable - its scratch resistant. Keys and other soft metals like coins that are not as hard as GG will not scratch it. Sand on the other hand WILL scratch it. Now the list of things that are harder than GG is admittedly not that long but the fact that sand is something many people come into contact with quite often makes using a screen protector a sensible thing to do. Oh, and its not unshatterable either, try searching on youtube for demos of this.... The naked screen is indeed the best surface to use, any screen protector is not going to be as nice as the bare screen. If you want to compromise and protect your screen I would also suggest as a previous poster said the SGP line of screen protectors, I use the SGP Ultra Olly, very close to the feel of the naked screen and really easy to fit. Search for Export Prive and order from them, well worth it.
  5. worked a treat for me this way :)
  6. Installed Clocksync from the market and that sorted the clock resetting problem for me, set it to sync on boot. Tom is amazing and now my daily use rom .
  7. The stuff I used was plain ole RainX but I have seen the 2 in 1 glass cleaner RainX and I am sure it would work just as well.
  8. BEWARE!!! If you get a Tmobile contract and it is NOT direct from Tmob then your data speed will be capped to 3g. That means no video and music streaming, no skype calling, laggy browsing and bags of frustration at a hamstrung phone. I had to pay an extra £5 per month to get what you would get for FREE from Tmob if you buy from them direct. Weigh your options, deals from 3rd party are cheaper but there are hidden costs. With all that being said I still think what I have with the extra £5 is a good deal, just that they dont advertise this and its very well hidden.
  9. Mine is better than my old HTC Desire. Maybe your router doesn't like it? Tried it with a different router?
  10. Nope, mine also happy to take my old vodafone sim while my number gets ported. No Tmob branding on the phone, no extra software I can see.
  11. Got mine yesterday on a new contract through buymobilephones.net Was a little nervous as had never used them before but spent some time researching them and apart from a few people moaning that they had not received some naff free gift they seemed to be pretty good. Ordered phone on Sunday (before bank holiday Monday!) and it arrived on Wednesday. Tmob contract, 18 month, 600 mins, 500 text, web bolt on included, phone cost 19.99 and contract is 30.64 per month with 35 cashback tracked through quidco (or was it 30?). Came from Vodafone, PAC code from them arrived in an hour and Tmob are porting my old number over now. Perfect service from both companies. Oh, LOVING this phone!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  12. I got to just say, hats off to you Zeb. You pull off the seemingly impossible by shoehorning HC onto the Vega, you then proceed to make it usable by having a dev cycle with revisions coming faster than you can hit F5. All of that on its own is amazing, but then you also help people out here when you should be busy chopping up skirting boards in your kitchen!! Love the way you have gone from user to dev in such a short time and that should be an inspiration to others that want more from their devices to go out and do it for themselves. Its all there, you just need the strength of will to actually go and learn. If you need some DIY tips matey I am your font of knowledge in this instance! Just ask :unsure: *edit* Forget to thank Corvus! Thanks to you too mate, if you ever need to put up some shelves or tile your kitchen floor just ask! I wont do it for you but I will tell you how I made mine look interesting :)
  13. Touch - Congrats on your new shiny HC toy :unsure: Im only a lot jealous! pdej - Also congrats on your amazing bargain iPad2! Dont forget where all the fun was when your vega was working though :P Sounds like you had a nightmare in store, in fact the way you were treated sounds pretty shoddy and I am glad that you came out of the game well ahead. Offering a refund and then refusing to give you the refund when you had tried to make life easier for them is just plain terrible customer service. I hope that someone at Vega CS reads this and tracks your case down so that the people involved get some "training". My Vega behaving pretty much perfectly now, and with all the exciting new stuff being done on it lately I am happy to stay with my budget baby for the near future. Looking to get something with a better screen from santa though :)
  14. LOL :mellow: I think that when I had my first Vega I was waiting for a software update to be released that would fix the screen issues. Maybe thats what most people have been holding out for. Now that it has come to light that the issue is a hardware one then all it comes down to is that if you have a problem as described above you have a faulty Vega. If its faulty, then it really should be taken back. I can see DSG sending a big box of these faulty units back to Shuttle OEM with a notice on them reading "BROKEN, PLEASE REPLACE THESE". so I doubt that DSG will be very bothered in the long run...
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