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  1. Probat ću ga ispraznit na 0%,pa se možda taj charge system resetira i ponovo proradi,ali nemam baš puno šanse... A kolko bi ja morao odvojit za taj "popravak"?
  2. Da,ROM je nažalost 6.5.5,ali je možda moguće platiti popravak,sa time nemam problema...
  3. Well,in Croatia it takes literally MONTHS to get your phone fixed,and when your phone is at the center,you get a replacement phone,and they give you the cheapest and worst one. Besides,I flashed a custom ROM,so i lost my warranty... I can't find a way out of this problem....
  4. Hi,I own an Samsung i8000 Omnia 2 and I need your help. If you have any kind of advice,please post it here,I don't have a clue how to fix this problem of mine... The problem is that when the phone is switched on,I can't charge its battery. I can't connect it to my PC at all,so I can't flash ROMs or transfer any kind of files to my phone... I can only charge it if I switch it off,and if I switch it back on,it simply stops charging... I tried to soft reset a million times,I even did a hard reset,but none of this fixed my problem. Now I guess it's the time to ask you guys for some advice... Thanks in advance :P
  5. Hi everyone. Could somebody post the latest official Samsung's 6.1 ROM for i8000? I'm kind of bored of the sense laggs,and I just want a basic phone,and I think that 6.1 is good enough for that.
  6. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...bodys-sense2-5/ This is the ROM I flashed. And I installed some things to make it look much nicer,almost the complete operating system is GTX style :)
  7. Ok,it works when you simply install C0okie's HomeTab and GTX Sense theme. 2 bad that some of you don't like the GTX Sense theme... I simply love it :)
  8. Okay,here is what happened. I flashed,and right after flash and first reboot I installed CHT 1.7 and tried if the button works. It didn't. Then I installed GTX Sense theme and it simply worked. I'll re-flash and try to install just GTX Sense theme and see if that made it work,or the combination of the buttons and the theme... again sorry for the inconvinience,I just tried to help.
  9. Really?? I'm sorry man... Maybe it's the GTX Sense theme I had installed on it made it work... I'm re-flashing right now. BTW,I use the 6.5.x ROM with Rapid and n00body's Sense...
  10. That's no good... you are already the second guy... I'll delete the post,re-flash and try again...
  11. Ok,I found a very weird .cab file that fixes the Edit Home Tab button in C0okie's HomeTab 1.7,but the funny thing is that it's not even closely related to that. It just brings some more functionality to the Sense (You can add the Toggle Wifi,bluetooth... buttons) Download the CWT - PreRelease cab,disable Sense and install it. Link to post at xda here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=678068 I'm really surprised...
  12. Well,I might have some good news. For some reason,the edit home layout button just started to work on my phone. It may be because of one .cab file,and it may be that when you change some things in the registry,it starts to work. I'll make a video. Could you guys try to use the edit home tab button after the registry hacks? And please post the resaults here. Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone. I posted a guide on how to edit the home tab. So if you want to have an analog clock or something like that,check it out :(
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