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  1. Download version (exe) 21689 Normal for Windows XP or 21689 Lite for Windows XP
  2. Steff, thank you very much for this release (21689 Normal) It is very fast, stable and responsive :D
  3. Where is the edited version ?? Thank you very much steff for all the hard work ! ;)
  4. I'm back on the ROM Eclipse 23118 Lite For me, better more stable/faster
  5. Thank you Ock for this Excellent work Test Titanium and Titanium Prenium : Quick and very good ROM bug in 2 versions : Calendar
  6. New Builds Coming Soon Refresh...Refresh...Refresh...Refresh...Refresh...Refresh...Refresh...Refresh... :) :( :)
  7. Thank you very much master chief Krazy Radd +1 Waiting for your GTX release
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