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  1. so the galaxy nexus is now carrying what google call "wifi direct" which is essentially the solution to the problem i mention in my OP. i should work for google, they wouldve made a fortune if they implemented the technology when i first mentioned the problem rather than announcing it in october 2011.
  2. hi, i want to unroot my legend so i can send it back to vodafone for a repair however i cant remember the stock ROM version, also i remember i had to change my radio version before i could initially root my phone but i cant remember what the radio version was. does anybody know what Vodafone UK shipped the legend with? thanks ps. also if you could point me in the direction of where i could download the radio and ROM from i would be greatful.
  3. im gonna set up a twitter account just for this even though i despise it, thats how much i want a desire hd. ive grown old of my battered htc legend.
  4. just curious as to why nobody has been able to create an app that does fle transfer over wifi? i mean surely its faster than bluetooth. ive seen apps on the marker for pc 2 phone and phone 2 pc via websharing, surely all it needs is a little tweek to go from phone to phone all you would have to do is make phone A a hub using an app like websharing and then access that from phone B via a browser. obviously if there was an app created specifically for it it could all be done "in app" rather than external websharing and browser. thoughts anyone? this could potentially be a million quid app if you have the know how. im not by any means an expert so if im being a retard, please tell me kindly.
  5. its pretty straightforward so im not looking for advice on how to go about doing it, its just the 1 step im slightly concerned about... basically if i add .apk files which i downloaded from the marketplace to the custom rom would i still get updates for those apps? im doubting i do, because if i install apk's from a developer website rather than through the marketplace i have to uninstall and then reinstall to have the latest version of the app. if there is no work around i suppose i could just create a new custom ROM everytime 1 of the apps which i use gets an update, but thats just labourious and not neat. i like elegant solutions. any help would be much appreciated. EDIT: just realised there must be a way to do this because apps that come preinstalled on the phone get updated through marketplace, such as google maps.
  6. i get the 43 check fail error after step 1, try to proceed to step to but apparently my phone isnt connected....unless im blind, it is. i have a htc legend running android 2.2 with hboot version 1.00.0000 help please. EDIT: after 3 hours of searching google and trial and error of various methods (whilst holding my breath to see if i bricked my phone) i got it to work
  7. hmm i thought i had bricked my phone for a second i cant get the step2-windows.bat file to load onto the phone, i get the warning triangle on the screen (which u are supposed to get) but then windows says the device is offline and stops the script from running. dunno what im doing wrong, phone still boots fine even though ive already run step1-windows.bat. im annoyed somebody help me please. EDIT: i think its cos when im in the hboot screen, and plug my phone in. Windows tries to reinstall drivers for my phone even though i already have, although thistime they come up as failed. it tries to install "android 1.0" driver and "my htc" driver. any ideas as to why its doing this? runnign windows 7 ultimate 64bit EDIT: found the hboot fasloader driver i needed, do a google search if your stuck i cant remember the url
  8. hi, thanks for the reply, im rooting my phone as we speak. ive already wiped my phone after backing up data and im going for a clean install on my phone. so just to clarify this ROM will remove vodafone branding? also whata re the benefits of installing a custom ROM without htc sense, im not a fan. anybody have any screenshots of what the legend is like without senseUI? and finally 1 more question, will i still be able to recieve OTA updates if i install a custom ROM, and if sodo i just install as normal or is there a special process required?
  9. hi, fairly new to the subject of custom roms. just a quick question. is installing this rom the same as debranding the phone? i.e. will installing this rom free me from vodafone handcufsf?
  10. just wondered if you can reverse the card back to factory after you have created a gold card as i dont have one spare at the moment, i want to use my 8gb sandisk. just need the gold card to debrand and root phone, once ive done that i wont need it anymore. thanks edit: sorry should have read the earlier posts before i made this... edit 2: just ordered a 2gb kingston as a spare card and wondered if i can create a gold card on that and use it with the same phone even though ive already used a different gold card?
  11. hi, still wondering if anyone can confirm if this app works in the UK, before i go and install it and then have to uninstall it because it doesnt work etc.
  12. hi, sorry forgot to mention in my original post that im from the UK and as far as i know biing UK is yet to be launched or has been launched but is very buggy...cant remember which, can anyone confirm?
  13. hi, i was wondering if there was a find the nearest "x" type app for the omnia ive searched high and low but no luck, i want one that basically tells me where the nearest cash point, cinema, petrol station (as examples) etc are. i have igo8 but its a pain starting up the gps everytime to find a POI or using a web based application to do the same thing. anyway any app at all that could do that sort of thing would be great whether its in development or a fully fledged app, doesnt really matter. i know there are several apps of this type for iphone has anyone managed to succesfully port one to WM? thanks
  14. erm not sure what you mean, cos on my omnia they already are all capitalised? in fact i think everything word in every menu is capitalised
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