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  1. I have added mui version for wm 6.5.3 builds. Only system, device independent files are changed. This version of system mui files are based on latest 29009 builds. It seem that 290xx builds will be the most recent windows mobile 6.5.3 . HRMUI_WM_6.5.3.zip
  2. I have made a Croatian MUI for HTC HD2. General opinion is that there is no official Croatian MUI for windows mobile. Officially, it is not correct! It exists and was made by Samsung for Samsung Omnia (SGH-i900). Rom name was i900SHKK2, as far I can remember. Problem is that Omnia was running on windows mobile 6.1, and its mui isnt very compatibile with wm 6.5. Therefore, it was necessary to almost completely rebuild it and adapt it for windows mobile 6.5. NOTE: these translated files (device independent windows file) are based on latest official Leo Ship rom 3.14.479.2 (build 21913) and I doubt that its compatible with other, wm 6.5.3 and 6.5.5 builds. All 041a.mui files are signed with sdkcerts2015, and it will be auto-installed during installation. About installation, I have made simple interactive installation script, inspired by XDA_UC project and based on MortScript and some other useful tools I found (thanks to all good programers who made it). Installation script is named (what else than) "Install HR_MUI" and it is inside HRMUI folder. Just run it! Also, instalation script will ask you if you want to install myphone ver 1.6, cause translated files doesnt work with build-in myphone 1.1 version. Installation package folder must be unpacked on the root of Storage Card, with one HRMUI folder, with subfolders Backup,engine and MUI, and scripts in it. This is very important, if installation folder is not where script expects it to be - it wont work! Also, before installation turn off (disable) HTC Sense in Settings-All Settings-Today-Items or manila files may not be copied properly (they must overwrite original ones). After installation HTC Sense will be auto-enabled. So, installation script will first make a backup of original files that will be overwritten during installation (manila files, templates and opera lang&help files) - in case you want to restore it,then it will try to temporary disable manila and it will install croatian translated files: - folder "wm" : *.041a.mui - these are wm6.5 device independent translations(could be used on other wm65 com2 devices) - folder "htc" : *.041a.mui (hd2 specific translations), *-041a.html (translated notificaions messages) and *_manila ( english (en-us) manila files translated to croatian) - folder "opera": language.lng, start.html,index.html, troubleshoot.html .. - opera translated files - folder "templates": *.dot, .dotx,.... translated templates for Office Mobile - startinfo.reg : Start Menu translations - done throw registry keys, not by real renaming of start menu shortcuts. Therefore, it will work only with original start menu entries layout. If install script (for some reason) fails, you can still do it manually by copying files from \Storage Card\HRMUI\MUI\... subfolders into: -all files from MUI subfolders (*.041a.mui, *_manila, *.041a.html files) into \Windows folder on device -english.lng file in \Windows\Opera9\profile\locale and others (start,index,troubleshoot) in \Windows\Opera9\profile\help\en -template files to \My Documents\Templates folder You will need some file explorer (e.g. Resco, total commander) that supports overwriting system files for manual installation. Dont forget to install sdkcerts. After install script finishes, it will reboot the device. On next boot, you should have localized HTC HD2 on croatian language. NOTE: I have done this in good intentions, I wont be responsible for any damage you make to you device or losing your data. In worst scenario, hard reset will do all job. So, do a backup of your data before doing this (just in case)! HRMUI.zip
  3. ...And 23569: http://rapidshare.com/files/385358208/23569.rar
  4. Two new builds... New 28xxx build, after a long time, 28233. It seems that it is not timebombed, there´s no beta reminder also. Not recmodded, cleaned of unused cpr files. 28233: http://rapidshare.com/files/382172046/28233.rar And new COM5 build, 23566. Timebomb and beta reminder removed, not recmodded, cleaned of unused cpr files. 23566: http://rapidshare.com/files/382175502/23566.rar
  5. Latest COM5 - 23562. Source: wvga.dio from htcpedia. I made a "mutant" with 23562 base files & wqvga files (dpi and res for omnia) from build 23559. It is patched, beta reminder removed and cleaned of unused .cpr files. NOT recmodded. Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/377743445/23562.rar
  6. Just one of new builds - 23557. Timebomb and DeviceBeta removed, Titanium landscape fixed, unused cpr files cleaned. NOT recmodded. Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/374143362/23557.rar
  7. Build 23554. Source: user Alexx (xdadevelopers). DeviceBeta reminder removed, also unneeded .cpr files (with ock´s cleaner). Build was not timebombed. Now, there was no wqvga packages published, so I took them from previous 23551 rollup ( 6 packages - those with ..._dpi_96_resh_240_resv_400). I have cooked a rom with them and it seems to work. http://rapidshare.com/files/369727665/23554.rar
  8. Build 23549. Source: htcpedia 23549 rollup Lang 0409, dpi 96 res 240x400 Timebomb removed, DeviceBeta reminder also, NOT recmdded. NOTE: there are double files in SYS - BaseApps...., MediaOS... and OS... files AND modules. You know what you should do with it. Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/365040873/23549.rar
  9. Build 23548, timebomb and devicebeta removed, not recmodded. Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/364619550/23548.rar
  10. Build 23547 DPI96 240x400 Lang 0409. Source: htcpedia.com 23547 rollup. Timebomb and DeviceBeta removed, also unused .cpr files. NOT recmodded because I left BaseApps-MediaOS-OS files AND modules inside SYS (choose what you like better). Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/362855225/23547.rar
  11. I´ll post link for new 23545 build (within app. half an hour). It is recmodded, timebomb removed, beta reminder also, and... with same video recording problem as previous build. I didn´t found anything special in new build (till now). 23545: http://rapidshare.com/files/361648248/23545.rar
  12. I´ll post 23544 build link for app. half an hour in this post. Timebomb is removed, and DeviceBeta reminder too, Titanium landscape fixed. This is Lang 0409 DPI 96 240x400 part of 23544 rollup. NOTE: inside 23544.rar I putted (BaseApp...,Media..., and OS...) files & modules, so leave/delete files OR modules in kitchen, what you prefer more (SYS is NOT recmodded). Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/359856069/23544.rar
  13. Build 23542 is out (on xbeta). Has anyone tried it?
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