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  1. So a little off topic here and I'm sure many of you have seen this, but here is a little bit on the Hardware acceleration architecture of ICS. Good reading at the very least and can pass some time.
  2. Google updates its android platform for free in most cases. If you like android and don't want to risk rooting failure to upgrade your OS then this is a good option. Vote = Droid.
  3. Research Android phones and see how they stack up. Google is doing a very good job with this platform. I have an HTC Magic and love it.
  4. Seen 3.7 floating around somewhere. Don't know if its legit or not. I think cruddasj has it.
  5. Agreed, We should never forget all the contributions that Zubnik gave this thread. He really brought it to life for along time, lets not forget that.
  6. So is the point of this app to make manilla restart faster or keep it from restarting all together? Cuz mine still restarts just much faster. Also whenever I return from any screen to the Manilla home, there is a blank wallpaper screen for about a second before if starts.
  7. The 6.5.3 version of Windows is not official yet, those are likely just prototypes. Windows will decide which COM branch it will make as its final release.
  8. Fantastic ROMs Dhee, I now use yours exclusively! The only thing that i can think of toimprove them is to remove the M2D Today Plugin from your M2D roms and give us theh option to install seperately if we want :)
  9. The difference is the different COMMs or the different development branches of Microsoft. Each one has there line of Winmo releases. 28xxx, 235xx, 236xx, etc...
  10. un-flashing haha your title makes me chuckle. You need to find an official Samsung ROM and re-flash back to it.
  11. Looks pretty cool from reviews, It is Android so it automatically scores pionts with me :)
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