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  1. ArcticFox

    [Giveaway] Chance to get Cubot X9 by free from TinyDeal

    Mi 4c on budget end or the Huawei P8 for the more higher end premium phone.
  2. ArcticFox

    Ask MoDaCo - the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

    Really like the idea of this phone but the price is a little ridiculous, how does it compare with the Xperia Z3 Compact build quality wise, is it worth £100-150 more than the Z3C? How plastic does the back feel, is it slippery, do they plan on releasing premium backs considering how this is priced and what market they are aiming for?
  3. I flashed it without a sim in then when unlock code came I put my EE sim in and it unlocked fine.
  4. Anyone else had Motorola Apps update today on 4.4.2?
  5. ArcticFox

    Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    I paid him outside of ebay, saves him on fees.
  6. ArcticFox

    Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    Just to follow up: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motorola-Moto-G-Mobile-Phone-Unlock-Code-/111223239973?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item19e56bf525 First try didn't work, he offered to unlock it for £5.50 and to take three business days, it came today and my phone is now fully unlocked. If the £2 unlock doesn't work, message him and he will sort you out.
  7. ArcticFox

    Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    He's the one I tried first and the one that offered the more expensive, 3 business day wait time for code.
  8. ArcticFox

    Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    They are one of the sellers I tried and it rejected my IMEI. I did try another and they said there was another way using "server 2" and that it would be £5.50 to unlock but would take 3 business days, fingers crossed it works.
  9. I think it's safe to say from this point on if you buy a Moto G your IMEI won't be on the servers. I bought 8GB on Boxing Day and just tried to unlock it using ebay and the seller cancelled and refunded my money.
  10. ArcticFox

    Jb progess update....(sigh)

    Give it a rest, your trolling is getting boring. You don't even have the phone anymore.
  11. ArcticFox

    Jb progess update....(sigh)

    Intel has had JB running on Atoms months ago, if they wanted to they could just release stock OS. It's clear we will never get JB.
  12. It's better than most budget phones out there, other than the white spot when cpu gets hot I don't have any complaints.
  13. ArcticFox

    XOLO X900, Jelly Bean Release Date Confirmed!

    It doesn't matter, the firmware won't be signed for the x900. Plus it comes with ICS, there is no guarantee that it will get jellybean either.
  14. ArcticFox

    Downgrade brand new San Diego?

    No, ended up just using what it came with.
  15. ArcticFox

    XOLO X900, Jelly Bean Release Date Confirmed!

    You can't because it won't be signed for the x900, the same reason we can't flash the RAZR firmware.

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