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  1. Mi 4c on budget end or the Huawei P8 for the more higher end premium phone.
  2. Really like the idea of this phone but the price is a little ridiculous, how does it compare with the Xperia Z3 Compact build quality wise, is it worth £100-150 more than the Z3C? How plastic does the back feel, is it slippery, do they plan on releasing premium backs considering how this is priced and what market they are aiming for?
  3. I flashed it without a sim in then when unlock code came I put my EE sim in and it unlocked fine.
  4. I paid him outside of ebay, saves him on fees.
  5. Just to follow up: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motorola-Moto-G-Mobile-Phone-Unlock-Code-/111223239973?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item19e56bf525 First try didn't work, he offered to unlock it for £5.50 and to take three business days, it came today and my phone is now fully unlocked. If the £2 unlock doesn't work, message him and he will sort you out.
  6. He's the one I tried first and the one that offered the more expensive, 3 business day wait time for code.
  7. They are one of the sellers I tried and it rejected my IMEI. I did try another and they said there was another way using "server 2" and that it would be £5.50 to unlock but would take 3 business days, fingers crossed it works.
  8. I think it's safe to say from this point on if you buy a Moto G your IMEI won't be on the servers. I bought 8GB on Boxing Day and just tried to unlock it using ebay and the seller cancelled and refunded my money.
  9. Give it a rest, your trolling is getting boring. You don't even have the phone anymore.
  10. Intel has had JB running on Atoms months ago, if they wanted to they could just release stock OS. It's clear we will never get JB.
  11. It's better than most budget phones out there, other than the white spot when cpu gets hot I don't have any complaints.
  12. It doesn't matter, the firmware won't be signed for the x900. Plus it comes with ICS, there is no guarantee that it will get jellybean either.
  13. No, ended up just using what it came with.
  14. You can't because it won't be signed for the x900, the same reason we can't flash the RAZR firmware.
  15. It's a lost cause, if they are releasing an updated version of the x900 I doubt they will release the update for our phone. Pointless keep posting in the thread getting peoples hopes up that there is new information. Sell the phone and move on.
  16. A800 has an ARM cpu, X900 has x86 Atom.
  17. I got a replacement for a dead one, I tried to root it but it seems its running the latest updated version. When I try and downgrade 27Mb option I get: Please make your decision:32 * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * 3978 KB/s (800388 bytes in 0.196s) push: C:\SanDiego\tools\downgrade/recovery.img -> data/local/tmp/recovery.img push: C:\SanDiego\tools\downgrade/boot.img -> data/local/tmp/boot.img 2 files pushed. 0 files skipped. 3971 KB/s (16936960 bytes in 4.164s) open failed: Permission denied Can't read OSIP! recovery is an invalid entry name open failed: Permission denied Can't read OSIP! fastboot is an invalid entry name How Do I go about downgrading it so I can root it.
  18. Just got my replacement San Diego, this one like my old one has a white pressure mark at the bottom of the screen. Is it a common problem? Does anyone else have it?
  19. Mine is only 24 days old that's probably the only reason why they didn't want to send it for repair.
  20. I have same issue. When i boot up it shows xolo then goes to black screen then starts going through colours. I can't send it back because of the Xolo boot logo. I've tried adb shell but says device not found. *edit* Nevermind Orange are sending me a replacement today.
  21. The USB port on the bottom every time i plug it in to charge it says its not charging please plug it into the wall, like its not getting enough power. I've tried multiple different cables, ports and usb charging plugs including the one that comes with the phone.
  22. It's moaning about build.prop, there isn't one in the orange ICS update.zip but there is in the Xolo one?
  23. Yes that's the guide I tried. The problem with flashing logo and build prop is that it doesn't have the orange theme anymore.
  24. The charging port on this thing has messed up, I have Xolo ICS on. Just tried the crossgrade, getting different errors every time I flash it, what the freak am I doing wrong. Downloaded orange ICS update, that is in the orange folder, downloaded dump.zip that is extracted in the tools/system directory, stock rom, rooted, install orange logo, flash ICS, it pushes the GB updates to the phone, then the Orange ICS, reboots into recovery to flash ICS and then errors out.
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