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  1. No exfat? Seriously? There was me thinking it was 2013. At least I know now. Thanks for your help
  2. Had my Hudl about a week. Bought a 32GB card an popped it in and chucked some TV shows on to test prior to going on holiday for a week. All OK. In chuck a load of music, TV shows and films on a 256GB ssd in a USB caddy, pack it with my usbotg cable with the intention of copying the stuff I wanted each day from the ssd to the SD card each day. First problem. Ssd is formatted NTFS so the Hudl sees nothing on there. Luckily I have my laptop so I copy from the ssd to the SD card there. Everything OK until I hit the films. At over 4GB they fail.... Card is fat32. format the card as exfat and try again. Everything fine.... Until I put the card back in the hudl and tries to mount it, it simply says the card is damaged. If I put the card back in my laptop it says it needs formatting. Chkdsk /f fixes it straight away, but pop it back into the hudl.....comes up damaged. Rinse and repeat. Any thoughts? Pete
  3. 101010 is actually CMX. The C should have overscored, not underscored, but I don't have that option.
  4. Just a quick thanks to you Asselberghs. I struggled with Unrevoked, it kept hanging on the "waiting 5 seconds, windows hates" or something similar. About 4 or 5 tries in a row and it suddenly worked. I created a simple ROM from Modaco and every single little issue I ever had with the Orange ROM vanished! When I created it I duplicated a few things - some Android, some HTC - and I'll create another soon with the bits I like and take it from there.
  5. OK - that seems a little too easy (Or maybe I decided as I was confused that it was too hard!) I'll give this a go and see what happens - the phone can't get any more messed up ...... famous last words!
  6. Hi All, I've got an Orange branded Desire which I've unlocked via HTCCodes.com. I started out having a lots of silly little problems - nothing major - so I ignored them & learnt to live with them (stuff like the widgets not updating on the homescreen, email checking when it felt like it not when scheduled) A couple of weeks ago my phone stopped downloading from the Market and would sit on "Starting Download" forever and then the problems got worse and worse. The handset now force waits trying to use the Phone, Mail or Text messaging and it's dumped all my contacts. I can't make or receive calls, I can see how many emails I have but not read them. I've been wanting to go to a tweaked stock ROM like Paul's latest but I'm confused as hell as to what I need to do. I had been a Windows Mobile user since 2002 so I'm confused by Android. Can someone point me in the direction of the best guide to flashing a 2.2 ROM for an Orange unlocked handset, and probably rooting too, for a complete newbie? I'm not an idiot, far from it - I'm technically minded, it's just I've seen a fair bit of conflicting info on what's best. Thanks Pete
  7. The software upgrade is on the RAN, not the handset. The handset has to be compliant to support the new CODEC and this will probably mean more than just a software hack.
  8. Working for them doesn't mean we have to put up with their substandard ROMs. I had my Touch HD unlock and flash within 20 mins of having it! My Desire has only held on a little longer as it's my first Android phone.
  9. Was this a guy on Ebay called (i think) Yasif? If so he sorted mine out and it only took about 3-4 days
  10. Hi Guys I made the swap from Windows Mobile and got a Desire. It's a new black one from Orange with the Orange rom on it. So far it's been 100% better than my Touch HD (with one of Dutty's last roms on it) but I've come across a couple fo niggles - not sure if it's faulty or a config issue. 1) I've set the phone not to sleep when powered - yet it goes to sleep randomly anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. 2) I live in a strong HSPDA area. On my Touch HD my phone was set to kill the data connection after 15 mins. After usage it'd drop back from HSPDA (H) to 3G (3G) until either it got more use in which it'd quickly jump back to H etc. On the Desire it struggles. It sits on 3G and when I go use it, it'll take 30-45 seconds to switch to 3G+ then it'll take 20-30 second to start sending / receiving data. Then apparenty randomly it'll drop back to 3G and freeze. No data sent or received, network connected apps will report timeouts. It'll take up to a minute to then jump back up to 3G+ and resume connectivity. 3) GPS - today I've also noticed that when the above is happening that the GPS will appear to freeze too. It still shows it's locked but wont update my position if I'm moving until I jump back to 3G+ then it briefly flashes maybe once, then updates. 4) If I set the phone charging, either via USB or the mains charger, it'll charge to 100% and then stops charging.....but then the battery starts to discharge. I have to stop charging and wait about a minute and plug it back in to start charging again. I had 90% when I went to bed last night and popped it on charge. Woke up to 79% and falling. The phone atm is 100% stock, but has been network unlocked with code from Orange and I swapped the 4Gb microsd card for a 16Gb Is this normal, is it a faulty handset?? I'm looking to root it and put a fairly stock ROM on it to get rid of the Orange crap.... is it worth trying that first? Thanks Pete
  11. With 12 year old kids knocking out apps for the iPhone, surely they could have come up with an app that ran the same speed test every 10 mins on each phone for 24 hours and reported that!!
  12. If it all goes ahead (there are a few hurdles to clear first) then the new joint venture company will be created in Spring 2010. It'll take 18 months to then work towards merging Orange and T-Mobile into this new company. That's all I can say at the moment. As for jobs and such, then yes, surely jobs will go somewhere along the line. Whether this is a good thing or not I can't say. I've been customers of both T-Mobile and Orange, but I had no issues with either so I'm kinda lucky. I only leave T-Mo to go back to Orange as it was a slightly better deal overall.
  13. Could be a 3G outage - there have been a few recently, including 1 here in Bristol which affected all the staff based here.
  14. This site is registered to a UK company: Ekm Systems Ltd Unit 6 Arkwright Court Commercial Road Darwen Lancashire BB3 0FG Why would they be advertising in USD and Western Union.... that's not very common in the UK at all. Glad you are steering well clear. Edit: Just looked at the site.... using a Yahoo email address and an 070xx phone number? Dodgy as hell I'd say. Plus the address listed on the site is for a "Music Management Company" called Prime Management, and finally... There is no Shoppers Delight Ltd listed in Companies House.... DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER!
  15. Mine was fine from my 627 dongle a couple of days back. Not tried it since Monday.
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