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  1. I guess I'll have to reflash to the all new stuff tonight. It is such a pain in the tail to do, well.... not the reflashing, that is quick. It is everything else, all the tweaks and customizations..............
  2. Since it does this even if I lay the thing on the desk, I don't think that could be it. I have used Total Commander to shut down any other applications trying to solve this.
  3. No, I'm using one of the older BGTM 6.5's on a fresh CC20. I always go all the way and start with the CC20, I'm not ready to go up to the CF03 just yet.
  4. Si I guess no else has this or has ever had this trouble? Maybe I didn't explain it clearly. Say I'm playing G-Invaders and suddenly the today screen, (SPB3 pro screen) pops up. Say I'm reading email...........out of no where the today screen pops up, Say I'm watching pron and just as he is about to stick it in her............... the today screen pops up. I think you can see how annoying this is. Verizon Omnia i910 BGTM WM6.5 ROM SPB 3.0
  5. I have searched hi and low for this before posting. I bought SPB and installed it yesterday. No matter what app I have open the phone jumps back to the professional screen every few seconds and I have to restart the app. Even if I'm in settings it just changes focus back to the professional screen. What could be causing this?
  6. I can name one VZW store in Nashville that the techs are almost exclusevily modified and hacked Omnias. I would tell you who turned them onto this and a few other web hangouts, but then I would have to kill myself.
  7. There are no visible differences between USB1 and USB2, they look the same.
  8. Sorry, I was trying to make the point that this thread should be a sticky since it is MANDATORY to follow these instructions before you do your first cooked ROM. This thread looks like all the other threads and if it is 10th or so in the list a first timer will not see it. I am willing to bet that almost all of the fellas that had problems did not see this thread first.
  9. Why is this absolutely required not to brick your phone not a sticky, bold, in red letters?
  10. Tell them it overheated to the point that you had to take it out of your pocket, they should swap it out no questions. Don't ask me how I know this.....twice.
  11. Can't use those links at work, and I have a side job after work so I guess I'm up till midnight flashing when I eventually make it home.
  12. You don't practice what you preach, do you?. Just as childish. tsk tsk. lol
  13. The maturity level started in the pits. "Not enough people kissing my ass, I'm not sharing". But you sheeple just keep on feeding his ego.
  14. Let the little bitch keep his BS ROM. The cooks have already been using 6.5 and making things 10 times better than Verizon, Samsung, Microcrap have ever dreamed of. (edit awarner MVP ) deep breath and relax...... now lets keep this place friendly please :D
  15. Darn, you are gonna make me try again, my boss will be ticked!, He has already asked me what the hell I need a map for since I have been deriving here so long.
  16. I bricked 2 910's trying this, (local service center, that ALSO supplies my dept with about 1200 phones and service swapped them out no questions) third time I actually read the instructons and it went perfect. I have it all bonked up again but that is because I have been playing with other 3party apps and messing around with different GPS apps. But I'm NOT complaining!! Just wanted to say thanks for the time and effort all of you guys put into this and helping all of us know it all's when we don't know badword!! Can't wait for the next update!
  17. Even when I install the application unlock, the SmartphoneGPS activator and reset security, it still looks for the bluetooth. I can't even get the GPSToday to work, but Google maps and LIve both work fine. I'll just have to learn to live with that I guess.
  18. I have looked and looked, Do I need to let it set there and churn on the "Looking for BT" screen? I wonder if I bought the wrong version?
  19. I realize this is a very old post. I have searched and searched but have been unable to find an answer to this. Any suggestions?
  20. Does this work on Omnia? How do I turn on the light?
  21. I can't find an answer to this anywhere. As soon as I click UMDL it crashes. I have redownloaded it, extracted it with winrar, winzip, 7zip, izarc, rubbed and kissed it in it's special place and it still crashes. WinXP SP3 all updated, all drivers and software updateded, Asus p4p800-x usb2.0 motherboard with 2gb ram. What am I doing wrong?
  22. Is there someplace else to download the ROM's? The page is blocked here at work.
  23. Is there someplace else I can download this? That site is filtered and I can't get to it from my workdesk.
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