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  1. You have to copy the new .wav or.mp3 etc to the actual directories (Notifications) while connected via USB - from your PC. Sounds weird but that's how it is - if you use a file explorer e.g. ES etc, it doesn't work (as you state), they won't show up in Notifications, etc. I had the same issue - found the resolution on XDA... Good luck, unless you've solved it now. MMB.
  2. In reply, my experience. I bought my first HTC ONE around 3 weeks ago (sim free/Carphone Warehouse). I like to use Carphone Warehouse because they will happily replace the unit up to 28 days from purchase date. It cost me a little under £500. I was really pleased with the general look of the device. After a day, I realised that the screen was 'very slightly' raised on the right hand top corner, when I ran my finger over it. I also noted what I failed to spot in the shop at the time of purchase - that the back of the device sits completely sealed with the plastic edging – zero gap. The front however does not - in various places. So you see what looks like a thin dark hair like line instead of a complete gapless (zero gap) seal. I took the unit back and it was replaced - I noted that the second unit was a little better but still had a gap where the front meets the plastic side wall but this time it was localised to the left side corners. At home, I later noticed that the hole for the self-cancelling in call audio feature was also sub-par. I have to stress this unit, just like the first, performed flawlessly but I started to take note of comments (Google) about suspect build quality/zero gap! I took the unit back and it was readily exchanged for a 3rd (3rd time lucky...). This HTC ONE replacement was a definite improvement - but still had gaps around the micro USB socket and the power button and also the lower left corner. Obviously I couldn't get the staff to undo every single HTC ONE box to find a 'good' one (they can't sell a phone with a broken seal to the box). I decided upon a refund. Today I think, was I being too 'picky'... I really want the HTC ONE it looks great. I guess I can try again in a month or so but it really shouldn't be like this. I've also noticed that xda have stamped out just about every thread that details poor build quality on the HTC ONE - this is a shame because the subject needs 'airing' and I'm grateful for the chance to report my experience as a reply. I'm now left wondering are there any completely flawless production units (build quality/zero gap) - I've seen no photo evidence of perfect fitting units anywhere other than the usual press shots/pre-production units. I know what I want - just not how to get it. MMB.
  3. @ Father, j-blaze. Which version of expresso bar are you using? Could you provide a link please. The version I'm using posted in the R8 topic (leeDroid one), gives the expresso bar but unfortunately, the default sense lock bar :-( I'm using the R8 Rom. Thanks. MMB.
  4. Hi Klutsh, I tried to install your car panel zip - using your fake flash app (admittedly I'm not using your ROM) but notice it is not installed. Why is this? I'm using a cooked official frf91 build - with sense... Thanks mate. MMB.
  5. I've used this method safely to unroot and load the RUU (in my case unbranded) back to bog standard 2.1. As long as you can find the correct RUU - your original firmware, then the phone is back to its original state - good enough to return but make sure you don't have any incriminating update.zip's on your storage card - copy SD contents to PC for backup purposes and erase any incriminating data ;-) MMB.
  6. Just info: It doesn't seem to work any way. Any attempt on my Desire (unbranded) gave an error as soon as I tried to install the 'said' update while 'rooted' on Paul's sarting ROM... So I guess it's back to unrooted official RUU files if you want to upgrade at a later date... MMB.
  7. I'm just curious here but why do you think you need 2 GB of ext? :D MMB.
  8. New version available patched for Windows users... :angry: MMB.
  9. Try this post for additional information: - http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...d-rom-voda-etc/ MMB. :D
  10. Releasing code on Friday is a bad idea. Staff aren't around till Monday to clean up the mess - if, it all goes wrong 8-) he, he, he MMB
  11. They can't just 'tinker' & 'tinker' - 'awesome one'. :) 1 reason, cost. Everything is costed today, in every company. Yep the bean counters got their way :-( It's likely that they'll be working to a release date. If they miss this, it will undoubtedly be due to harmful bugs (bugs that will do their reputation no good at all) being detected in the test phase or a sufficient release build/candidate is not yet viable (already mentioned in this thread somewhere). Any company dealing in new/updated software or hardware for that matter, often 'miss' deadlines due to the above - and, it can't be planned for (at least not reasonably) :-( Shame really. I'd be amazed to see FroYo available on the 'rumoured' date and of course pleasently surprised because I'd get it :) Well I can dream can't I... MMB.
  12. You never cease to amaze me bro. This looks sooooooo cool! Can't wait to give it a try :) MMB
  13. Yep duplicated - just a few posts above yours... :) the best response I've seen yet is 'Post #4073' - go check it out (just a few posts above yours) :) It makes a lot of sense to use the search function - then you get the answers really quickly without having to wait and get a response to your post... :) Patience is a virtue :P MMB.
  14. Check out Sector's excellent post (below), all the info you need is there... http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...00-omnia-phone/ Good luck MMB.
  15. I'm not sure why people need the BT fix for Ock's Rom's. I've always been able to use my bluetooth car kit (Nokia fitted to internal radio/CD) to answer and make calls... Sorry I don't have anything else to add :-( MMB.
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