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  1. Its in post 45 in that trend. I've tried that method first thing i installed spb3, but that didnt work for me =/
  2. Great instruction, clear as crystal! Would definitely help a lot of users here. :excl:
  3. Thanks. I've tried Spite Backup, really comprehensive, especially since its executable without installing back the application.
  4. Im open to any suggestions :excl: I was using that previously, however sometimes when i press the end call button, the screen doesnt wake up, and in order to unlock, i'll have to press the top power button. Im fine with pressing the top power button to lock, but to unlock with that, doesnt really makes the phone reactive.
  5. Hmm, would resolve the error reporting issue, but internally, there still is a problem with AE button Plus itself. Seems to clash with some of the programs im using.
  6. Hmm, does VJBrisk work with thumbcal? Or only specifically for alarm and clock?
  7. Hmm, think that only works with soft keys. Im trying to set my end call button to locking my phone with s2u2.
  8. Been using AE Button Plus, however it seems to clash with omnia alot. Kept getting error, and reporting to windows message.
  9. Hmm, ok, i'll google up and check it out. Btw, i was told constant hard-reset deteriorates the performance of the phone. It would mean once you have done it, you'll constantly need to do it. Is there any truth to it?
  10. I had this exact problem. Look out my description 2 posts on top. Mine was due to insufficient memory space. Cos when i installed from the installer, it seems to install the cab on my device without prompting where i want it. Solved the issue by downloading the cab file directly.
  11. Whenever i soft reset the phone, i get an error message 'boot.exe error'. Not that my phone is malfunctioning now, but how can i resolve this error? Im assuming it has something to do with the installation process, cos when i tried installing the .exe file from my PC, it asked to delete my old version of SPB 2.1.5, which i agreed to, and then only to realise installation of SPB 3.0 is unsuccessful due to, i assume, insufficient memory space. Since then i kept having the error which says 'menulauncher error' which hanged my phone. Managed to get past that after a few reset by clicking on to something else before omnia hanged again, installed spb3.cab file directly instead. No longer has the 'menulauncher error' but still having 'boot.exe error'. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. I just tried that, but my MS outlook 2007 doesnt seem to be syncing with my phone. Any configuration i missed out? Im assuming you meant by syncing those items with MS outlook, all my important datas will be kept on my PC, and after the hard reset, the items on my PC will be synced from my PC to my HP. Cos im not sure if by syncing its normally done with HP syncing with PC rather than the other way round.
  13. Ya, i would figure you would have to install spb backup before executing the backup file. No luck so far? What files did you try backing up? Apart from sms and contacts possibly.
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