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  1. Hi Boss, yes Bulgarian is missing but I never told that can find it mate :D no problems for that keep English and it is OK at end. Wherever all seams fine like that (do what you saying seams harder to me and do not insist for) most of things are just bug report or weakness I see. :P
  2. Yes Ock latest premiom build 23 563 and no I like it like it is - mean no i do not have others font instaled just what you made plus cabs that told you (fixes) and programs whit I mansion. About feedback vibration I wont that and I install that cab 4 times till start work (no problem :P ) I use Opera Mobile 10 but did not try it capabilates aboit that may be it work for flash also.
  3. But skyfire is ugly and not fingers friendly - unfortunatly :P Other wise yes and I been testing that support for flash it work confirmed
  4. Hi Exept programs included i got also 2 game One you keep from original and Assassins Creed 3D but not play them (no time yet :D) also Core Player v.1.3.0 build 6213, Opera mobile 10 WM, Spb.Wireless.Monitor.v3.0.1.Build.611.PPC.CBD, spritebackup.v., Skype300256, JetBTHFExt-1.31 If you dig for that can provide full list but here are I think all I got o iGO8 also that is all rest is Cab. fixes you made :P For regions yes Start from Philipins and muve to USA than Bulgaria than :P fix not work a fey reboots - nothing than back to USA and work (like whitout fix) Also I try to instal fix over USA and move to Bulgarian NO than instal while Bulgaria set as region NO again. And yes every time reboot but do not work. After start looking for fixes over new rom I instal that fix over Bulgaria region and even do not have to reboot - give imidiat effect. Later adding all rest of fixes did not see when that and "feedback" - vibration from optical Joystic gone. Turn To USA region and install joystick vibro feed back and sort that, aboit mail just look behavior now normal :P
  5. Hi Ock I install most of fixes here and strainge but they may be made affecrt on each other "vibration feedback" cab have to instal 3 times till work but scuare fix for Google map and You Tube dont fix now and even whit that doane 4 times it is like before. firstable when had less of those cabs installed that fix been working but now not and I wish to give you more detailed feedback but not so skilly and cant find where is going that conflict settings or any of those cab prevent fix that like been before :P
  6. Hi Ock no mate mail check go propertly each 60 min. correct but - (I include my phone may have problem dont know) it happen yesterday also (at all 2 times sinse newre Premium ROM usage) task for mail check runn and somthing go wrong, it do somthing (no mails to send and download) but go usualy next 60 or 120 min as iI see (using Spb Wireless Monitor to see what program lag) and made around 2 MB traffic but real problem is Phone get hot :D and battery go nearly empty. If we exclude that and wheter on home screen do not face any significant issue (just add some cabs from fere (those people post and help to that release work better) :P
  7. Show error copyng files while i try to pase them on windows directory :huh:
  8. Idea is to copy on devise and try that file manager to move them on windows directory - sounds good will try now
  9. Windows 7 64bit edition and I think remuve that opton so do not supoase to isist for admin rights
  10. I try some ideas but no luck till now may be some how omnia need to be off than plase those stuff of .... no idea how just made some tests At end may give up it is not so bad. Battery drain caused by some system task stuck is mager than this. Not often but happen
  11. That is sorted I got now stuped qestion those files for lock screen deny copy
  12. Thanks mate you mean to unchek here? and yes you are on right way it imidiatly show Windows foloder :P So that is reasom why some of others cant see it - i belive :huh:
  13. Hm I know what you mean but see what I see perhaps "Renesco" saw same (sorry upload and photos to show)
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