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  1. Lol go down on that listing and it says compatible with Palm Pre. Idiots!
  2. Did you buy the Streak on a voice or data plan?
  3. How do you access the debug screen? Thanks in advance
  4. I'm looking for the whole lot; spare battery, extra charger, screen protector, hdmi dock and a car holder that'll actually fit the damn thing!
  5. Come on Paul give us the method :) Ideally i don't want to remove it as I use exchange for my blog lol
  6. Has anyone noticed that when you open the TouchDown app (Dell included it to enable Exchange support), it says at the bottom that its a 30-day trial with full features? If it is actually only a 30 day trial, does that mean the user will have to purchase the full app for Exchange support or have they only included a 30-day trial as they have plans to release a version of Android 2.1/2.2 within a month (that brings native support for Exchange). Any thoughts people?
  7. I've got a Dell Streak and previously have been using the HTC Desire. In the Desire browser settings, it gives you the option to choose to use the Mobile or Standard view of webpages but on my streak it defaults to the mobile view of every page. Is this happening to anyone else (for those who own it) and if you have managed to get it to load full pages everytime, can you please tell me how? Thanks.
  8. They won't provide you the unlock code; It's exclusive to O2 and they have the same stance as with the Palm Pre; exclusive to O2 and they won't provide an unlock code. How do I know? I'm an O2 Guru (Technical Product Specialist). On another note, just bought mine today for £399 minus my staff discount. Just turned it on and its got the wow factor already!!
  9. Sorry yeah UK exclusive. Dell will sell it sim-free on their website from the end of June which will open it up in terms of exclusivity but the only UK network to stock it will be O2. I should have one tomorrow, gonna sell my Desire to get this! :)
  10. I work for O2 and my understanding is that O2 have a Worldwide Exclusive on the Streak; they are following the same policy set in place when they had exclusivity for the Palm Pre - because it's exclusive to O2, they won't be allowing it to be officially unlocked. Looks like another method will need to be used people!
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