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  1. I too have moved on. I switched to AT&T and got myself the Samsung Focus. It is a beautiful phone and works so smooth. WP7 is great and with the new features announced at MIX that are due out later this year...it is going to be even more awesome.
  2. When it comes to WP7, by the end of the year it will have multi-tasking, better skydrive integration, the copy/paste (who really cares though) and many other fun options like working with your kinect on your Xbox, plus the Xbox live integration is awesome. I have played with them in the store and can't wait until one gets to Verizon. As far as sideloading apps and such...where there is a will, there is a way :D ChevronWP7 and homebrew... So WP7 is still new, but it is going to be catching up soon. Don't rule it out yet.
  3. I have tried search but can't find anything useful. I downloaded WMWifirouter 2.0 and have it running, it says Broadband access: Connected and the network is WMWifirouter_2766....but my nook doesn't see the network....am I doing something wrong?
  4. Hey ninja, I can't get your SMS skin to work....it is for the standard WM tmail right? I install it to device, reboot and it isn't looking like the pics....the dialer is awesome though.
  5. woo-hoo! looks like I am going to be getting another Omnia 2 from my sister to tide me over until WP7 hits Verizon!
  6. with verizon after 12 months the primary account holder can upgrade at the new contract price, but you don't get the "new every two" discount until your normal upgrade time.
  7. When I look at Android all I see is WM with SPB Mobile shell, which I didn't like. I have messed with a few droids in the stores (Droid 1&2 and X) just not my thing.
  8. LOL wouldn't surprise me. But I will hold out until next month when the HTC Trophy (WP7) arrives
  9. Quite sadly today, my poor Omnia 2 has met it's maker. I was unloading a truck here at work and, unbeknown-st to me, my phone and holster fell off my hip and got run over by the forklift I was riding. I didn't realize it until 2 hours later after finishing with that truck...sigh.
  10. Hoping for an update to make it work a little better with throttlelauncher 1.2.1 please ;)
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