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  1. The Dell Inspiron 9 is a really powerful netbook with its 1.6 GHz Intel processor. I think you get good value for the price, it's one of the cheaper netbooks. But it always depends on what you expect from a mini laptop. If you want to know more about the different netbook models, take a look at some netbook reviews and build your own opinion. The market is moving so fast, there are two or three new models released each month.
  2. There are also various music phones on the US but as far as I know none of them can really compete with the Apple IPhone. I think the Nokia phone needs some more features to have a chance to seriously compete with Apple. Maybe access to videos (YouTube) or other Internet sites (like the Facebook phone).
  3. Obama is right, they spent a lot of money on anti-terror policies and in my opinion the US is not safer than in 2001. An attack like 9/11 can happen again, you can't avoid such attacks because terrorists will find a way to burst security systems. So Bush abd Cheney should have focused on improving the relationship with those countries and the image of the US.
  4. I've been using a Sony MP3 player for two years and I am very satisfied with it. It has a storage of 2 GB and the sound is fine. I am thinking about getting a second player, maybe an IPod Nano or a Samsung YP-Q1, to have a comparison and a player with bigger storage that can be used as recording device. I would recommend getting a new player, players with 8 GB aren't that expensive anymore.
  5. Took a look at the site, a good idea and an ambitious project! It's suited to the health and diet trend and so I think this could be successful. The price seems appropriate to me although it's nothing I would want on a daily basis. We have similar offers in the States but they're not as specialized in healthy food as Graze.
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