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  1. englishpunk

    Superboot - Nexus 4 root solution

    Ok, I gave in, I flashed TWRP recovery, flashed SuperSU 1.41, then flashed the original recovery.img back. It's a good job I always unlock the bootloader before I do any updates really, usually leave it locked because I have the BootUnlocker tool installed. I also did the TitaniumBackup fix of changing the backup directory from /storage/emulated/0/TitaniumBackup to /storage/emulated/legacy/TitaniumBackup. If Superboot is updated though then I'll happily revert to test, having asked the question in the first place ;) EDIT : SuperSU has been updated to 1.43 to deal with some of the bugs, ZIP linked below, update also live in the Play Store SuperSU 1.41 download : http://download.chai...130625-1.41.zip SuperSU 1.43 download : http://download.chainfire.eu/342/SuperSU/UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.43.zip TWRP download : http://techerrata.co....6.0.0-mako.img BootUnlocker for Nexus Devices download: https://play.google....11.bootunlocker TitaniumBackup fix walkthrough :
  2. englishpunk

    Superboot - Nexus 4 root solution

    That's where I got to, I don't want a custom recovery at this point, so I thought I'd be cheeky and see if Paul felt kind enough to update his Superboot ;)
  3. englishpunk

    Superboot - Nexus 4 root solution

    OTA RootKeeper didn't keep root for me, though after trying the old Superboot the "Device Rooted" box is now ticked though the "Root permission granted" box still is not. I tried booting TWRP/CWM/PhilZ custom recoveries (as opposed to flashing them permanently), but none would boot to the point of letting me flash a zip (all stopped at a blank screen), so i could not flash the latest SuperSU package.
  4. englishpunk

    Superboot - Nexus 4 root solution

    Paul, any chance of an update to Superboot with the SuperSU version that works with 4.3 ?
  5. englishpunk

    Get O2 Priority Moments FREE with a Pay & Go SIM

    The app itself has only become locked by carrier recently and does no checks bar the text code verification, which is entered manually. I personally use the Android app on my Nexus 4, but use the number from my work Blackberry.
  6. englishpunk

    How have you got yours set up?

    You can view PDFs stock, someone in the office asked me to try before i rooted it, couldn't find a zoom option, research seemed to suggest there wasn't actually one :wacko:
  7. englishpunk

    How have you got yours set up?

    I found an additional method the other day, not tested it myself, but thought i'd post in case it helped anyone. http://factory-reset...ok_Simple_Touch
  8. englishpunk

    Modified Kindle app, optimised for eInk Nooks

    Thanks Paul, i had a funny feeling that might be the case, shame though.
  9. englishpunk

    BBM coming to Android and iOS this summer

    FAR too late ! If they'd have launched something when the first rumours started about this then it might have made sense (captialise on market share), but now they're just another competitor to LINE, Kik, WhatsApp, LiveProfile, etc., the world has moved on, i don't think I know a single active BBM user that doesn't also have something else installed that's cross platform as well.
  10. englishpunk

    Modified Kindle app, optimised for eInk Nooks

    Page turns work for me configuring the side buttons (as required) to "Tap Left (Previous Page)" and Tap Right (Next Page)", it's a pity there's no option to just turn off the animations. Would it be possible to do via an Xposed Framework module ?
  11. englishpunk

    How have you got yours set up?

    System: Switched on and registered device on Barnes & Noble account Updated to firmware 1.2.1 Rooted using NookManager Installed GoogleApps using NTGAppsAttack Installed NookColor Tools in /system/apps Installed SearchMarket Applications: Installed Google Books Installed Amazon Kindle ( page turns configured via Nook Touch Mod Manager ) Installed Total Commander ( reconfigured black on white with increased text size ) Now everything is working i'll probably go and remove some of the unnecessary apps, like camera, and think about using Paul's modified Kindle app to remove the page transitions, although i obviously don't need the page turn modification.
  12. englishpunk

    Google are knobs

    My 3-5 days delivery arrived today (would have been yesterday but i wasn't in), 1-2 week delivery handset seem to be out for delivery today also
  13. englishpunk

    Google are knobs

    I'm sure no-one is surprised to hear my package hasn't even shipped ( let alone arrived on time ), i did get the below answer eventually from one of the many people at Google, thought some people might be interested to see. EDIT : Latest update : I'm not feeling much confidence at the moment, i've reached out to see if i can get better information from another contact.
  14. englishpunk

    Google are knobs

    Cheers mate, i've been waiting for something to worthy to replace my Motorola Atrix, the only real gripe with that being the shocking update policy, hence Nexu 4 fits the bill. My handset hasn't even been shipped yet, and depending on whether you count the order date as a business date, i'm on day 4 or 5 of my 3-5 business day delivery, so not holding out much hope it will be on time like the Google Help Center IVR says ! They say they've now forwarded it to the shipping team, 24-48 business hour response, so as above, not feeling loved right now. I know there's high demand, but that's really no excuse for the catalogue of errors related to this device, it's not like i'm the only one having problems or anything :(
  15. englishpunk

    Google are knobs

    Just chucking in my latest order woes to go with everyone else's Ordered immediately receipt says "Delivered in 3-5 business days", device still in pending state, no update since the 4th, Google Help Center unable to give my any information whatsoever. If this was the first mistake it wouldn't be so bad, but I also couldn't order the first time around due to the website errors, i vote next time they just get someone with retail experience run the show. I thought after the launch fiasco they would have fixed the problems, and having seen them put the handset purchase limit on i was feeling optimistic, but seems they still have a long way to go. :(

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