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  1. Hi everyone! Im using OCK's WM6.5 Rom (ock M2Dv2 29005), but can't get the marketplace to work. When I try to open it it says: "Windows Marketplace for Mobile can't connect." Ive tried to use differnt cabs that I found on the forum but still no progress, anyone with the same problem? whats the solution? Thanks!
  2. Very nice rom, a little slow but very nice. Is it possible to bring the start button down?
  3. Does it sign out from facebook for you too every time you softreset your phone? and I still get a error when I try to sign in, but it works anyway.
  4. Hi everyone! I flashed my phone with the Premium one yesterday, its seems like its a really good rom... Its fast and smooth, but I hhad a problem with it, every time I restart my phone it Hard resets, it goes back to the screen where it says "Tap the screen to...." and when my phone starts upp the "OCK InstallMe" starts up and it wants me to restart the phone again and I go back to square one! Anyone had this problem? What can I do about it? Thanks!
  5. Do you know how I can put the Swedish language on a wm 6.5 rom?
  6. Hi everyone! I need a Nordic Rom, wich is the latest and where can I download this? Thanks!
  7. You just need to Flash again, test with a custom rom.... When the flash dosen't succes for me I just flash again with another rom and it works fine.
  8. Where can I find SYS files for 21874 build??
  9. wow, looks great. I'll give it a test. Thanks!
  10. Me too, I flashed BUNDLE ROM two times, everytime I restart it looks like the phone is broken, It starts up and goes to the screen where you where when you restarted and there it freezes and everything looks f*cked up.
  11. Iv'e read that it should work on 6.1, and I know some that have this on theire phones and they are using 6.1.
  12. I installed it but when I click the icon nothing comes up..I have the official wm 6.1 nordic rom (XBIC1).
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