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  1. ndryer

    T-Mobile no longer offers upgrades?

    just got the same rubbish as jsjazz999 I also have 2 contacts (Flext 25 & 35 without discounts). I enquired in store today about upgrading the Flext 25 account, and they had nothing good to offer exept £5 a month off for 6 months. I could have had the Compact IV initially for £239.99, but when they phoned head office, there was a "£79.99 Premium" to pay on top. The guy in the shop recommened I cancel and move my number to a PAYG sim card on another network, and the move it back to them as a new contact... What a joke. They said their would be offers available in december and to try again then!
  2. ndryer

    List Your XBOX 360 GamerTag Here

    Got mine the other week too. I'm down as.... ACIDNICK
  3. ndryer

    Gigabyte g-Smart i200

    I'm just hoping this gets picked up by a UK Operator (if Gigabyte can sort out it's past problems :rolleyes: ). It would be great for my bus trip to work. :(
  4. It's up there with turning off those pesky LED disco lights...
  5. My MDA Pro is about 75% quicker, pages now load after about 8 seconds :D (Using PIE)
  6. just managed to sign up, but cannot download the application :) ;) :D Oh well, i will give it another go tonight
  7. ndryer

    T-Mobile Web'n'Walk pro - Finally launched

    guess i'm going to have to call them again, the CS person I spoke to said it wasn't even showing as an addon for my account. I wonder if I need to wait until my next bill day before the new option becomes available? hopefully I will get someone better informed next time I call CS.
  8. ndryer

    T-Mobile Web'n'Walk pro - Finally launched

    looks like you can only have the ?10 add-on if you have a business account. it's not available for normal personal contracts. Doh must say the T-Mobile CS Seems good, they gave me a callback because they could not get throgh to another deptartment
  9. ndryer

    New Web 'n' Walk Packages..

    i'm also a jumper from orange, I was paying ?55 for the Premier package (not that the service was that "Premier") & paid to cancel early(i saved more money that way). Now on web'n'walk 200 with the MDA Pro. I have never had any issues with phone coverage, and my UTMS signal is normally available whenever i need it. Just hope i can change my package in April
  10. Same here, i Jumped on the Web'n'walk tarrif last year to get the MDA Pro.
  11. ndryer

    MoDaCo Premium Memberships update

    I would love to see more PPC stuff thrown in with Plus, then it would be worth losing those whole 17 pints of beer (it would help my diet too) ;) :D :D
  12. ndryer

    MDA PRO GPRS Monitor

    I think it's the full release. when i go the the about screen, it shows as registered and i have been using it for almost 2 weeks without issue
  13. ndryer

    M5000 Reception

    I Have the MDA Pro, and mine also shows very low signal strength (normally none or 1 @ work), but i never seem to have problems making or receiving calls. I also keep have reception in places the M2000 used to to struggle.
  14. I ordered mine last week from T-Mobile, and it arrived Thursday. Very good customer service ( I had a problem with royal mail :x , and T-Mobile were quite happy to call them and sort it out. Even gave me my £5.99 delivery back aswell without me even asking) The only concern i had was coverage, but it appears fine. (i even get a signal at work, which is a feat in itself) ;) :D
  15. i)ndryer ii)was Orange iii)10 months iv)Every couple of days with Orange ROM, Rarely since updating to Imate 1.40 ROM v)Never reported it vi)As per above

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