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  1. styla

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Thx for the great roms :D But i have a question, email on HS++ isn't working, is there a solution for this?
  2. styla

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Hey Chef, can we get a cab of your beautiful dialer? :rolleyes:
  3. styla

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Thx Yonn nice rom, but can i get a cab of the lockscreen on your first version? Greetings
  4. Here you go.. :) HTCHomeSettings.xml
  5. styla

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Woow I like it, its really nicee, good work Yonn you are the best :P
  6. It's only for wqvga resolutions :)
  7. Thx for the lite version obi :) Can we get a cab with the iphonetoday plugin? (For the lite rom)
  8. rlToday with manila weather icons.. rlToday_Librio__Manila_WeatherIcons_.cab
  9. It will work on any rom ;) Bigfoune the icons are not complete ? If it is ok for you, i want to use manilla weathericons :(
  10. If you give me the whole weatherset, i will try :)
  11. Hello everybody, I made a theme for rlToday (cab includes rlToday). It's for any WM OS.. Cheers.. rlToday_Librio.cab
  12. How can i get this? (with the red) İs there a cab for it?
  13. Beautiful, can you share it? :lol:

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