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  1. i enabled the battery percentage, now i can't return to standard battery icon, how do this?
  2. guys there is a patch file for remove the vibration on unlock?
  3. i've read that android 3.0 for smartphone will be icecream (2.4) 3.0 will be for tablet only and hd2 is ready for 2.4, and i think also for future versions all is possible with that phone i will buy a dual core/super amoled/gorilla glass phone when they will have a honest price that's all for now i love my new hd2, but also my old omnia2 :D
  4. guys i bought a hd2 and now i'm using android 2.3.2 on nand :D however i will keep this project on my i8000
  5. there is a way for remove the vibration when i unlock the phone? please
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