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  1. My next phone will be the Oneplus One phone as the specs are high and it's cheap.
  2. I'm trying to find a 5.5 inch phone that has the official MIUI\Le Frog rom but they all seam to be 5 inch :( If the Red Rice 2 is 5.5 inch I will be getting that.
  3. I had a iNew 2000 and it never had a update from 4.2.1. I'm so glad I now got a Cube Talk 5H now loads of roms for it. All cube has got to do is get a recovery that will do backups :)
  4. Don't forget the RR gets OTA updates every friday and it should come already rooted. I would leave well alone for a bit if I was you..well till you're sick of MIUI.
  5. Sorry I don't have your phone so I have no idea where you would find a recovery. Still looking for away to backup my rom with out recovery.
  6. Miui is already rooted. There are loads of programs like MTKEasyRoot
  7. http://en.miui.com/thread-7898-1-1.html that the one? I've had MIUI for a bit now but if you take or add anything mine won't update Grrrr http://www.needrom.com/mobile/neken-n6-miui/ just make sure it gets updated every Friday after noon or it's a wast of time.
  8. Hi Need a bit of help :( My Cube talk 5H is great but the recovery they did will not backup on my version of the phone. For some reason the first batch is ok but not the phones after. I can clear\flash\mount ok but can't backup. So is there any other way that I can back the rom and restore it if I need to? Thanks. I have been on the cube forum and someone did a CMW but that has the same problem :( merry x-mas to you all.
  9. Is there any app yet that will over clock the 6589 phones? I'm glad I picked a better supported phone this time round the talk 5H has 7 roms for it and now an official Miui rom :)
  10. It's to late to the party and the good chinese online places will over charge for the $90 phone. If they charge £100 inc I mat get one.
  11. Anyone got a Oppo? what do you think of the Color OS? It's just a Color OS rom for my phone has come out but I'm liking the MIUI V5 at the mow.
  12. I got my Talk 5H now and I've tried MIUI\Lenovo Vibe\Lewa and a few others and to me they are all look the same you may get a option or two more but that's it. I'm sticking with Miui V5 for the time being.
  13. I'm glad the chinese phone I got this time has good tech support and a few Different roms to try. But I've never seen a dual sim phone with only one imei number!?
  14. Spot on mate :) here is the link just in case anyone else needs the Gaps file http://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/3-10-25.22492/

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